“You were born for a reason, created exactly as you are for a reason, for a special assignment that only you can fulfill. A time will come when you will be called. And it’s a moment to celebrate, not a moment to be ashamed of.”

Every single human being on planet earth, has a Purpose, a reason for being here, on planet earth. But when we got here, we were slowly programmed to forget not only our Divine Essence, but we were also programmed to become numb to our Soul’s Calling. We then seeked guidance and mentorship, in elders, assuming age somehow is an indicator of Wisdom. We have been guided by others, who too have forgotten their Divine Essence, and who too have forgotten their Soul’s Calling. No wonder why, we are all so lost.

No one was ever meant to leave here, without doing what they have been sent here to do. But when we got here, we got distracted with shiny things, and we forgot, why we even came here in the first place.

You will be allowed to roam around, engaging in activities and a life that has nothing to do with your Purpose. But a day will come and you will begin to remember, who you really are, and why you came here.

It feels very much like waking up from a dream. This is often the time when people begin to experience certain symptoms related to everything they once knew to be true, everything they believed they were supposed to be, and do.

It feels very much like a tower crumbling. It is the fall of false structures, as you begin to Awaken the Truth.

The symptoms of Awakening to your Life’s Purpose, vary from person to person. However there are a few common ones, that many experience:


Money is no longer your #1 Motivator

On Life 1.0 we believe in what we can see, touch and hear. And we believe that our value and success comes from our achievements, and from the amount of money we can accumulate.

When you begin to awaken to your Life’s Purpose, your #1 motivator becomes, answering your Souls Calling, and doing what you came here for.


Many people awakening experience signs of depression, as the false structures fall away to give rise to the True Self. During this period, it is common for a person to feel depressed, not because there is something wrong or bad, but because the things that used to fulfill them before no longer do. Before they were asleep, and they bought into the illusions.

When they awaken, the illusions don’t mean anything to them, because they can see the game for what it is, and refuse to play the game, for their Soul is now asking them, to commit to Truth.

Having a support system during this time, is important, but it is not always possible, because this is not an everyday common phenomena that people openly discuss and talk about. Most people are happier to talk about superficial things, than to connect to the naked truth. Thus as you commit to Truth, if you don’t find people on the same journey, it is easy to feel like a weirdo, an outcast, as if you have just been dropped from out of space.

A Deep Longing to do something specific that you have never done before

Answering your Calling means you are literally Called to do something. It’s like an energy force, that draws you and pulls you in a very specific direction. That direction may not be the direction in which you were travelling before. But the pull is stronger than your rational mind. You cannot see the entire picture, and you can barely see the entire path but you are being pulled in that direction.

Your rational brain will fight, deny and try to stay the same old self, doing the same old thing, in the name of safety. But the pull, does not cease. It’s called a Calling, because really, it feels like you are being called, and what you think about it is not important, you simply need to get on with fulfilling your Lifes Purpose.

Your Fulfillment Changes

Everything that used to fulfill you before no longer does. It’s like shedding of old skin, where literally everything that is not in alignment can no longer stick. In Life 1.0 your fulfillment comes from the external world.

In Life 2.0 your fulfillment comes from the internal world, and you become aware, that actually there was nothing in the external world that you were meant to chase or get. But that instead, that you came here to give something to the world. That you came here equipped with everything you need, and you came here to shine your Soul’s Light.

Your Life becomes too small for you

Whatever you believed about life before, seems to fade away. And whatever you thought was “big”, you become aware that it’s actually way too small for you. That what “big” is, is your Soul’s Light.

And so whatever boxes and structures you had created for yourself, they suddenly start feeling way too small for you. Not because they are but because in comparison to the expansion of the Soul, they feel unnecessary and irrelevant. And in reality it’s not that they are, but it’s just that because it is time for you to do something more important, i.e to answer your Soul’s Calling, anything else that is not that feels too small for you, or like it just doesn’t matter.

From Ego Leadership to Heart Leadership

In Life 1.0, we are asleep and the ego is running the show. In Life 2.0, we awaken the Heart Center and allow the heart to lead the way, as a super intelligent and highly evolved power center.

There are many more symptoms of Awakening and specifically Awakening to your Life’s Purpose. However the most important thing is to listen to that pull. And to really listen — what are your being Called to do?

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