I think many of us have felt that deep tug of connection to the beauty of the natural world. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions rise like bubbles to the surface of our conscious mind, like vague memories or essence of recollection as we sit in the countryside.

Is this a deep, primal connection to a world that sustains us mentally, emotionally and physically?

I like to think that many of us are seekers in this brave new world of spiritual growth and entrepreneurship which aligns our work to our soul’s purpose. We seek a universal truth, a meaning to our existence. Yet we are often faced with routes to spiritual growth that can be less than appealing. We have the mechanistic scientific view that reality is no more than the sum of atoms and molecules, without meaning. Religion can feel too restrictive and confined, with the shadow of fanaticism hanging in the air. New Age material can lack common sense and bear no relation to the realities of everyday life.

Do you feel frustrated by this lack of deep spiritual connection?  Do you feel that there is meaning to your life that is missing?

Would you like to access the spiritual reality of nature and the universe in a way that is relevant to your dynamic need to fulfill yourself?

And crucially, are you ready to have your perception of reality challenged, to open up to non-physical realms and the more-than-human levels of consciousness to add creative beauty, joy, and abundance to your life?

I’m not a spiritual leader, but I am someone who sees in real 3D the non-physical energetic reality that underpins our physical world.  I see energy surrounding and permeating everything with my eyes, and throughout my life, I’ve been drawn to communicate with nature spirit and angelic reality to guide me through my daily life.

I’m an explorer of the science of spirituality. Physics is a fascinating field and depicts a Universe where there is no time, where everything is interconnected and conscious. But that can feel removed from our everyday experience. If everything is conscious, how do I interact with it?

Nature again provides the answer. We are intimately connected to, and influenced by nature. For example light entering our eyes is a key factor in the functioning of the Pineal Gland, the master gland if you will governing our mental, emotional, physical and arguable spiritual states. The earth’s EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are also another key influencer on the Pineal Gland, and certain places, often traditionally sacred places, where EMFs differ from the norm enable us to experience altered states of consciousness, precognitive, intuitive or epiphany moments. These places are often associated with Nature Spirit or Angelic Realms as they form doorways that allow us to escape our everyday awareness and connect with ‘other’.

Insights gained by connecting with Nature in this way allow us to get on with the ‘practical magic‘ of creating and manifesting a reality that fulfills our needs.  I am fascinated by the Faery Faith and how we can work with this realm to create an environment – on all levels – where we can thrive together.

I absolutely LOVE working with the consciousness of nature, spirit and angelic realms and have created a business and lifestyle that fulfills my deep need to grow and develop.

When I fled my abusive marriage to find myself in a financial mess, with traumatized children, homeless, and in a very bad mental, emotional and physical state, working with the higher realms of consciousness gave me back my inner power and strength, and provided me with an unparalleled level of support in creating a new life of freedom, forgiveness and abundance.

When you wake up to the messages that you receive from the conscious universe, when you become aware that other realms want to work with you, what you can learn from them and why and how they cooperate with us, suddenly everything about your life becomes easier.

Are you living in only one side of reality? Are you ready to break out of that ever-shrinking and fearful world, where you are left clinging onto scientifically verifiable data to validate your existence?

Or are you ready to trust the wisdom that is inside of you? A wisdom that has been available to us for thousands of years? The realms of nature spirits and angelic beings, and the practice of the Faery Faith are not the mumbo-jumbo of superstitious ancestors. They are a realm and practice that allows us to exist in the worlds of here and there, to unlock our potential, and to walk with supportive beings to co-create a reality that guides us home to Source.

If you’re not ready now, when?