Just like any other relationship, you need to give time, importance, care and dedication to your friendship. It is very easy to take your friend for granted but when it comes to maintain a friendship forever, you definitely have a big battle to fight. 

If you are struggling with your friendship, or wish to foster your relationship with your friends, here are awesome rules of friendship that make you best friends forever:

You don’t have to get glued with your friend, but in time of need get their back:

A friend in need is a friend indeed and this isn’t just a saying. You should be a friend that others can rely on. Meeting each other every day or getting glued to each other isn’t what you should seek, 

but you must be there with your friend when they need you the most.

Betraying your friend is a bog no, learn how to keep secrets:

Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship and the rule implies on friendship too. For a friendship to flourish, you must have 100% trust on each other. One should be sure that anything shared out of confidence will never find any other ear ever.

Confessions make your bond healthier:

There are a lot of things that we keep to ourselves. But at times, finding someone to share your feelings and unloading the load on the chest becomes important. This is where friends play a crucial role. You must be that one point for your friend where he can come and vent out everything he/she has to say.

Give & take: maintaining the balance

For a healthy friendship, you should take as much you give and vice versa. Of there will be only one sole provider for every friendship asset (care, help, advice, support and at times money), 

such a friendship will soon come to an abrupt end. It always should be a relationship of mutual benefits.

Don’t be a poky friend:

While it is important to stand by the side of your friend, you should interfere in all the matters. Learn how to judge the situation and decide your role accordingly. There will be times when your friend will need to fight their own battle to learn as well as maintain their self-respect.

Motivate and encourage your friend:

There is no better motivator than a true friend. You must become a pillar for your friend that provide them with strength and motivation to fight any battle. Encourage them to overcome their fears and achieve what is the best for them.

Be honest:

Honesty is a vital element of true friendship. You need to be loyal and honest with your friend, keeping no secrets that you shouldn’t.

Make them happy:

Last but not the least, making your friend happy is a responsibility that you take when you sign in for a friendship. Send birthday wishes for friends, present them gifts, plan trips to their favorite place and do other things that your friend would like and expect you to do.

These are some of the unsaid rules of friendship that you should follow to foster a healthy friendship with your friend. Your will surely have your best friend by your side for the lifetime if you know what the best for the relationship is.