A negative environment at work or at home can be very costly!

There seems to be a lot of that going on right now and it’s AWFUL.

Guess what?

You can stop this behavior immediately. You don’t have to have a title, or special position.

All it takes is one awkward conversation.

Can you do it?

Watch this video to see exactly how to do it and what to do if people are very difficult.

Don’t let those polarizing comments throw you off. Here is exactly how to respond.

Here is exactly what I helped a client say to an employee this week:

“Sally, last week in the board meeting, the conversation got heated, and I’ll be honest I was really surprised that the topic came up here at work. I should have said something immediately and I apologize for not discussing this with you right away. I need to tell you, Sally, while you certainly have the right to your opinion, this is not the place to debate politics or spread hate. The conversations that have resulted from that encounter are causing a lot of conflict with our team and we’re not going to tolerate the negativity. It’s harmful to the company and it’s just not appropriate.

Sally’s response? A sincere apology and promise to keep her comments and thoughts to herself.

Simple. As. THAT.

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