How much is a US Veteran life worth?

A couple months back, we came together, the veteran community and civilians alike to honor our US veterans and create awareness for those veterans in dire need.  At Chicago’s Union League Club we gathered in support of our hero’s that are struggling with PTSD and suicide.

Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy(VET) was proud to host the VET Inaugural Real Talk.  Please watch our video illuminating our mission and message of hope for our US veterans struggling with treatment resistant PTSD.  This night was like no other as VET shared openly its research data and early success with the Amazonian plant medicine ayahuasca – a viable solution to our national veteran suicide tragedy and epidemic.

Did you know that 22 of our veterans die by there own hands each day?  22 today, same for tomorrow and the next day.  WE HAVE A WAR AT HOME.  Our country is in the midst of a mental health crisis with our veteran hurting the most.  An estimated 1.5 million US veterans are afflicted by PTSD, Depression and Traumatic Brain Injury. Costing our nation an estimated $30 Billion dollars per year and far greater is the carnage that is left behind in the wake of those that leaves us too soon, needlessly when science is demonstrating the efficacy of psychedelics and plant medicines.

We are in midst of a psychedelic renaissance that is shifting the way the medical community and scientific world looks at trauma. MDMA, the club drug ecstasy with MAPS.ORG is entering phase 3 clinical trials with the FDA and has been labeled its “Break Through Therapy”. It will likely be legal medicine with assisted therapy by 2020/2021. 

VET is a 501(c)3 NFP researching the effects of ayahuasca on treatment resistant PTSD. VET is having incredible success working with our nation’s most vulnerable veterans at the end of life’s road with no where else to turn — Those that have treatment resistant PTSD and have tried the VA’s program for a minimum of 6 months with no success.

Please check out our work with the plant medicine ayahuasca.  This is real.  You can help.  VET has over 500 low income, some homeless US veterans that are at the end of the line with no where else to go.  Desperately seeking relief and healing from war trauma.

VET is lead by Ryan LeCompte, a former Marine and Infantryman whom has been helping veterans find relief from PTSD for the past 4 years.  Ryan is the founder and executive director.  In 2014, Ryan took a group of US veterans struggling with PTSD to drink ayahuasca in Peru with CNN’s Lisa Ling – This Is Life, Jungle Fix.

VET is planning another event in Chicago for May 23rd.  Real Talk Returns – where VET will be sharing more courageous stories of veteran healing and transformation and our plans for 2018 and beyond. Please reach out if you are interested in helping or finding out more about our message of hope for our US veterans that struggle with PTSD and suicide.

Thank you for reading.