At the root of anxiety is the emotion called fear. Taking it a step further, at the root of anxiety is a failure to embrace and trust love fully. Love quietly asks that you be still in the moment and accept the flow of life. Ups and downs are a part of the natural rhythm of life.

Your Beliefs And Thoughts Matter

Fear creates anxiety by tricking you into believing or thinking things that often has no basis in reality. Fear does this by knowing the buttons within you to push. If you struggle with low self-confidence and, or self-worth, fear will find it much easier to manipulate you. Thus, the first step in conquering fear is gaining clarity about your identity and purpose. The second step is knowing the power and strength within you. The third step is understanding that acceptance is essential for your growth. The fourth step is knowing that change is a constant.

Things You Must Accept For Total Health

  1. Resisting change is futile, because the more you resist, the more you damage your health.
  2. You are fighting a war in the spiritual realm that often uses physical distortions to confuse you.
  3. Being still is counter-intuitive to your reason, yet, it is often the best thing that you can do.
  4. Admit you are feeling fear, get clear about what fear feels like for you, and then seek the source.

The source of your fear often has to do with your believing or thinking that one or more of your essential needs are being threatened. However, when you remember that God promises to provide for your every need, you can let go of the fear. Like anything in life, it requires daily practice; however, for some, trusting in love fully is sometimes scary. Yet, love genuinely wants the best for you. Unlike fear, which can masquerade as anxiety and worry, unconditional love has no need for deception and truly values your total health.

Why Letting Go Can Be Difficult

Many people struggle to let go because they are afraid of what’s next. Sadly, they don’t give themselves a chance to discover if what’s next is a better state or place for them. If we want to grow into our full potential, we must let go of the current stage once it has served its purpose. I do not like the word retirement because it gives the impression that you are being put out to pasture and that there will be no further growth. That is so far from the truth. Life is about seasons, and when one season is over, we must learn to fully embrace the next season in our lives. We can continue to grow as we get older; however, we must learn to choose from a state of love rather than fear. Trust that love always will provide for everything we need. Know without any doubt that there is abundance and lose the belief that there is not enough.

The Paucity Mindset Is Caused By Fear

It’s the old saying, “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?” It’s that way with thoughts and emotions, “Which one comes first, the thought or the emotion?” It is debatable which comes first; however, the distance between the two is so miniscule, they may almost occur simultaneously. You think for example, “How will I meet my needs when I retire?” and instantly you feel a surge of fear, masquerading as anxiety, or panic. An overwhelming sense of dread encases your mind and squeezes the air out of your lungs. Warning, it’s an illusion, lovingly tell your body that it is okay to breathe because love knows how. When you accept that your will is vulnerable to your emotional and mental states and that God’s will is best, then and only then will you let go and trust love to catch you.  Change B.E.T.H. to B.E.S.T. if you desire to live abundantly [full of joy, peace, and contentment].