The performing arts continues to be a powerful medium of exchange and inspiration amid these changing times. One skit artist, B McFly, is using comedic and inspirational sketches to build on critical social issues and shed light on how to combat problems such as drug addiction, mental health, educational reform, and many more. 

Brandon Chastang, also known as B McFly, is an internet influencer who creates content to raise social awareness while also providing entertainment to younger generations. His name is an acronym that stands for his promise statement—Being motivated comes from loving yourself. The actor has created what he calls “social skits” around many of today’s prevailing problems. He also likes to speak on themes of absentee fathers and taking care of physical health. 

Brandon started the B McFly brand back in January of 2008. He created the recurring character as a way to share success stories with younger audiences. As time passed, the influencer would carry that reputation and image into new mediums like Instagram and TikTok. On the two platforms, he now has a joint following of close to 160,000 and counting. In addition, his content has received nods from other notable personalities such as Cherri Gregg from the Flash Point Podcast at KYW Radio and professional basketball all-star Stephen Curry, to name a few.

Growing up, B McFly experienced many of his stories of struggle and pain firsthand. “My mother and father were fourteen and sixteen years old when I was born,” shared the influencer. “They were both addicted to drugs. Most times, I was forced to fend for myself and had my grandmother to raise me.”

The toxic home environment became an eye-opener for B McFly to the harsh realities many people his age were facing. Unfortunately today, many of those issues have only worsened. Today, many of the youth continue to grow in absentee parent homes, drug-infested neighborhoods, and extreme poverty. He hopes to be a voice of reason and hopes younger generations break the curse and build their future by focusing on self-development.

As one of his initiatives to help those struggling with addiction, B McFly has opened up a twenty-four-hour phone line for those struggling with substance abuse. In addition, he helps many of his followers get into rehab and provides counseling when they need someone to listen and understand. The content creator also guides parents who have children who struggle with mental issues like depression and anxiety. On top of everything else that he does, B McFly also takes an active stance against gun violence and promotes education reform to bring a better future to younger generations. 

On top of his content and support systems, B McFly also has an audiobook entitled B McFly Self Inventory and a podcast where he invites prominent guests to speak on relevant topics around society today. Additionally, Brandon continues to consistently create skits that reenact his experiences and the many experiences that troubled youth face today to connect and impact more people in his existing and future following. 

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