You may share something in common today with many parents in that it is the first day back to school, or it is fast approaching. Social media flooded with pictures of smiling faces and milestone moments. For some it is returning to the next grade level. For others, a new journey with their first day of high school or middle school. But what they all share, is a new beginning, a fresh start or clean slate, and a choice to desire to learn. These early experiences are a foundation for what all of us take into the workplace. And while the skills are critically important in an increasingly competitive global environment, the socialization aspect is equally relevant with culture and diversity being central in today‚Äôs workplace. 

From how they interact with others, to what they wear, to being open to peers that are different from themselves; all of this will shape their character as technology advances continue to impact their mediums of communication. How will they treat others? Will they be open minded to opposing perspectives? Will they be supportive and encouraging? Will they collaborate? Will they hold themselves and others accountable and will they challenge themselves to learn or try something new? Will they maintain integrity along the way and do the right thing when they may be judged adversely? Will they respond with perseverance and resilience when faced with difficulties? Will they have compassion? Will they strive to make a positive contribution and to dream of a world that is conscious of humanity and environment?  

As we think about our future leaders and workforce, and an evolving business landscape that includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital, and Mobile; we should also contemplate the future of the Human-To-Human factor and how these changes will define us. All of these advances make it an exciting time with a quality of life that our forefathers may never have imagined. As these children return to school, let us consider that it is us who guide them through their journey and influence who they become thus setting the tone for what their, and our, future may look like. 


  • Steve Wingerter

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