What’s your background?

Where did you grow up?

What did you like doing as a child?

What did you finally choose as a profession?

… and what are you doing today?

Most people (including myself) tend to live in the future: the holiday or trip that’s coming up. That promotion. The house we’re saving or the job we’re looking for. Any dreams which have a firm place in our minds and hearts, but, are not fulfilled yet. Achieving them in the past was — at least somewhat — predictable. The factors were a fact.

However, in times like these, where we deal with a lot of uncertainty, and where facts become factors, it can be powerful to not live in the future, and instead, reconnect with our roots.

In my case, I remembered that making music really got me through some difficult times — puberty, emotional upheavals, and the likes. So I went back to what I originally studied — classical piano — and started to practise again. It was painful. Realizing and remembering lost skills is not something to be taken lightly. Still, reconnecting with ones’ inner abilities and passion is one of the best rewards to get through a stressful time.

My creativity helped me to see things differently and get a new perspective: for the first time, I not only played the piano but actually composed an entire piece as well. You can listen to it here:

It even inspired some friends who (as their creative hobby) had taken up video making and movie production classes and used the music in their creative outlet here:

What’s your activity or passion that helped you to get through a stressful time?

A project started perhaps, but never completed?

An old, rekindled hobby?

A deepened skill?

“Modern times” — the title I’ve chosen for this article — to me means an accelerated pace of everything: the way we see the future, how technology automates and innovates itself, our ability to become aware of new opportunities that simply weren’t there just an hour ago.

I invite you to share your experiences and perspectives and to grow together into the unknown, the uncertain, but with strong roots and a presence deeply embedded in our human values which we’re living today.