During this last year, we’ve witnessed groundbreaking historical events which disrupted life as we know it. The global COVID-19 pandemic — and the resulting devastation to our economy — continues to pack a serious punch. Between February and April last year, about 3 in 20 working Americans lost or left their jobs, leading to the current 6.3% unemployment rate.

In December, U.S. employers cut 140,000 jobs across multiple industries. And although January jobs numbers showed some growth, we still have a long way to go. Especially because a monstrously disproportionate amount of those affected by this economic downturn are women — of all races and ethnicities. In fact, all the positions cut in December were held by women.

And now, as the economy struggles to recover, many are left wondering how they can move forward. But, new pathways can bring new hope. I’ve spoken with women who lost their jobs last year, only to start new careers this year. Devastation can turn to growth. 

No matter where you are on the job search journey, there are resources available. Some are gathered below. 

Examine Options: Online Training Information

Some industries, like healthcare, are hiring. In truth, the industry’s biggest challenge isn’t a shortage of job opportunities, but a lack of qualified candidates to fill open positions. And that’s why people impacted by job loss often turn to online training as a way to kickstart new healthcare careers. It’s a trend that will continue for years to come, especially as many look for stable ways to provide for their families and pay their bills.

Here are some healthcare professions that offer stability, flexibility, and relative job security. 

Certification Basics

Certification programs are designed to help learners gain the skills they need to succeed in a specific career. Instead of spending time and money on general education, people can learn an incredible amount in as little as 3–6 months at a fraction of the cost — which means they can get back to work faster. Certifications are prevalent in healthcare and technology, which is ideal since those fields are still growing despite our economic struggles.

Job Search Resources

Job hunting is tough. There’s an incredible amount of nuance, too. And best practices for resume creation and interview prep are always evolving. Recent tips and tricks are gathered below to help job seekers stand out as exceptional candidates.

As the year and job searches progress, stay the course toward your new career, keep centered with a routine, and leverage the power of your network and research to help you find a good fit.