The “Midnight Diamond” tactical smartwatch  is dominating the industry online in 2019. As other others like Fitbit and Garmin get attention, no competitor has gained the level of organic hype as the T1 Tact Watch company’s premier release .   The super durable tech piece has set the web ablaze literally and figuratively as the brand’s viral videos keep spreading. Known as the “black ops smartwatch” by some, here’s a list of 6 Hollywood blockbuster movies the T1 Tact smartwatch should be in.

Bad Boys 3 (2019)
Starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, this is a film about two Miami-Dade Police Department officers.  Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are kicking drug lords’ butts and taking numbers in the Sunshine state.     Not yet released, the film is sure to be a follow up to there previous 2 high action thrillers. Its being filmed currently (see here).

With the ‘Midnight Diamond” being tactical gear, it can handle all of the action.   Based on durability test results, this smartwatch can handle the explosions & fire, car wrecks,  bullets, and more. Not only that, the remote control for smartphone cameras on this watch can be used by Marcus and Mike to spy on the Burnett daughter , they so aggressively protected in Bad Boys 1.  Not to mention, the T1TW matches Marcus’ all-black outfit, worn while interrogating  the kid who was taking Marcus’ daughter on her first date. See a clip of the scene below:

Joker, The Movie (2019)

The world’s most known super villain has a new flick on the way.  The history of Batman’s arch-rival is slated to drop October 4th.  From the storyline that can be gathered on teasers, fans will get to know how the Joker got to grow from a mother’s boy to a performing clown.  Abused by bullies and mocked by society, he transform into a predator of the city.

Batman will appear in the movie for a split second (see here).  Though only a youth, the future king of gadgets could have on a T1 Tact Watch.  The film could showcase him playing with the ‘Midnight Diamond’ smartwatch. The ideal scene, young Bruce Wayne snapping a picture of the Joker with his smartphone, spy-style.  He would simply push the button on the dial of the watch to activate the camera.   A unique feature to this tactical watch

Black Panther (2018)

When watching T’Challa fight for the kingdom of Wakanda, he’s got a tactical arsenal that any superhero would ‘fly off a planet’ for.     However, he could have used a T1 Tact smartwatch to accessorize with the vibranium Black Panther suit, for added touch.  Not only is the watch tough enough to handle fire and the water, which he was tossed into, but it’s got usable features. T’Challa could have used his distance tracker to estimate various passages and routes taken when tracking his girlfriend, Nakia.

Also, as quick and precise as the Black Panther’s reflexes are, the LED screen would have been an admirable shield.  The ‘mineral glass’ watch face protector can take low caliber gunshots. Suit on or off, T’Challa could have kept a ‘tact smartwatch’ on for extra protection.

Watch the infamous fight scene, Black Panther vs Killmonger, below:h

Wonder Woman (2017)

This movie was all about a heroic woman named Diana, leaving the comfort of her own culture and home to save the world. She went through tactical training day and night, just to sacrifice herself for the world. In leaving her world, to see Europe with a man whom she fell in love with, she found war.  In these moments of battle, she could have had on a T1 Tact smartwatch to better understand the metrics of time in 12 or 24 hours format.   A wrist wear that’s super durable, it could have made it across the battlefield with her as well, when Wonder Woman decided to take on all of Germany. A brave woman, who has all the tactical skills of a man.
The pilot and love interest of ‘Diana’ the Wonder woman,  Steve was saved by her brain and brawn in the end of the film. He too could have worn a matching smartwatch. The two could have used the devices to snap spy photos, by pressing the dial button.  Beyond that, the durability would have worked out well for him through all the crashes as well.

Get Out (2017)

So many things happened in this Hollywood blockbuster that threw the world off.  A film about a Black man named Chris dating a white girl, Rose Armitrage.   Once they go as a couple to meet her family,  the boyfriend finds her parents & friends have been hypnotizing black people.   Once under a tranz, the group of privileged white people take advantage of them for everything, sex to yard work.   Sheesh! This was one of the best film of all-time.

Anyhow, Chris breaks the cycle and does not get ‘trapped’ as other Black people he sees in the community.  He breaks free by having to kill various parts of the family During this triathlon like event, the ‘Get Out’ starring male could have used  T1 Tact watch for various reason. The stopwatch could have helped him time the process of hypnotizing. The step counter and distance tracker would have been a great assist for Chris when running away.  Last, of course, he could have used the ‘camera remote control app’  to capture spy footage of all the madness.
See dramatic footage of Chris defeating the Armitrage family below (gruesome):

In conclusion of Review

Of course there’s other films this T1 Tact smartwatch could fit into.  Any movie of military focus, Private Ryan to Pineapple Express could feature it.  The features of this digital wrist wear are geared towards people who work in army, security services, navy, tactical training, firefighting, and similar services.   Its super durable and one of the few new smartwatches that can survive the rigorous results that may come from such careers.

A creative editorial about today’s trendiest new smartwatch,  there’s only one official source to buy a T1TW online. Shop today – , before the price of this watch rises.