Some days your clothes are something you put on to cover up your body because:

you are not always living into a nude beach

you need to hide your body.

The twin red flag for this need of yours is how you behave with your hair.

They appear like a noble lady knot, on the top of your head, with rebel curls, swinging at the rhythm of your movements.

Some days you just want to disappear, but you are still on earth, so you do your personal spell for being invisible. Your clothes pretend to be your soldier invisible armour.

This situation happens quite often.

You do not to be in your blue moments to act like that. You just could be in hurry, because you have got three children, because you need to organize everything before thinking of these silly details like choosing clothes to put on you.

But, this is a miracle as well, this happens as well – some days you wake up and you need to:




You become like the perfect mentor for Von Clausewitz’s advice.

You open up your closet to choose your sparkling outfit, following your intuition, you need to be spicy in your clothes.

You need colours, the bright ones.

Fluorescent pink, smooth orange, tinkling green, sunny yellow.

A pullover. A skirt, an overcoat: any clothes you feel sliding in, as in you personal playground.

After this delicate, but inspired choice, you need to fix your hair.

What better than a home made shampoo to get that?

You dry your hair upside-down to add that touch of dynamism somebody born to shine needs.

Then you are ready.

Put on a read gloss on your lips… and…it is time to go out and start your day.

You get the elevator, the doors open and…a kind of stranger is reflected in the mirror in front of the doors. It’s you in you ready-to-shine outfit.

Doors close. You are at the basement. You have just to drive your car where you are supposed to be for the most part of the day.

You get your destination. Go and have a coffee and intercept a glance, two glances, three glances, all saying “how do you dress up today?”

Your first instinct is to deny yourself, your choice, to look away because the gaze of others is upon you, judging you. Telling you how to dress to shine.

And in that moment, you raise up and stand for your right to shine, being unconventional, being out of the box. And your secret smile you deserve to you is your self-irony, because you know what image the elevator mirror give you back, but you just keep going on.

So be proud of you: your standing is perfect despite your “bad” clothes.