There’s something that doesn’t sit right with Andréa Albright. There are millions of authors that have yet to share their story. Like a diamond hidden under black coal, their gifts remain locked deep, down where the light can’t penetrate. Andréa Albright is known as The Thought Leader Publisher because she helps people with visions of how to create a better world share their message by writing and publishing their legacy book in only 90 days?

The traditional publishing model that takes on average 2–5 years to write and publish a book is outdated. Thought leaders need to share their vision as it is being downloaded. If you wait, if you procrastinate, the vision is lost forever.

Andréa Albright knows that in order to capture the attention of your market, you have to be the first to meet them where they have never experienced what you are offering before that moment when they hear the title of your book. She calls this her “Magic Money Hook”™, and it is indeed a magic formula for writing a book and capturing an audience that turns into a movement.

Where do I see Beverly Hills Publishing Firm in 5 years from today?

Beverly Hills Publishing Firm was founded on the premise that thought leaders have a legacy that they need to share. By publishing books for thought leaders in 90 days or less, Beverly Hills Publishing Firm is disrupting the out-dated publishing model that says it takes years to write and publish a book. If you wait that long, then the market evolves, and you miss the opportunity to serve the transformation. In 5 years, Beverly Hills Publishing Firm will be the go-to publisher for thought leaders who are ready to publish their legacy book. When thought leaders spend ten, fifteen, twenty plus years discovering their secret sauce, they need a publisher that can pull that vision out of their mind and publish it with the highest value and integrity of the message they are delivering. Beverly Hills Publishing Firm is the only 5-star, white glove publishing firm that serves the author from the beginning of creating the “Magic Money Hook”™ of the book, the title, the visual graphics that make the audience want to buy, and all the way to the online marketing launch. The old-fashioned publishing model does not serve the author to reach their market. They merely deliver a book, without a Magic Money Hook™, and then expect the author to capture the market’s interest and attention. This lack of marketing and strategy from the beginning is why over 1 million+ books are published every year, and less than 1% of those books ever make an impact with their audience. For the first time in history, Beverly Hills Publishing Firm combines both a publishing and marketing firm in one house. This will give the author that is ready to share their legacy with the world the highest probability to create a movement that changes the world forever.

Andréa Albright’s unlimited success was discovered by accident because she couldn’t fit into any paradigms of reality that were handed to her. After years of struggling to find her identity with a career that both fed her soul and nourished her ambition, she ultimately left the game altogether and started her own company at 26 years old. The day that she incorporated her first company, she had to fill in the paperwork for the incorporation. The form (this was way before online incorporation websites where you had to go down to the Registrars office and do it with pen and paper) asked her a straightforward question, “Who is the CEO?” She wrote her name next to the blank space on the questionnaire, and in an instant, her life and her identity were transformed forever. “I’m the CEO,” she said to herself under her breath. All the shackles of conformity that tried to define her on their terms fractured away like shards of glass breaking at the highest, purest pitch of an opera singer. At that moment, Andréa discovered a path that gave her ultimate freedom with unlimited challenges. She found her place in the universe, and she has never looked back. Today, Andréa Albright has created companies valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and she has reached millions with her messages of hope, personal empowerment to uphold the highest level of growth and unlimited freedom. For there is a magical place that few will ever find the courage to discover, it is a place where all excuses, denials, projections, and self-limiting beliefs dissolve to discover the infinite power greater than supernovas and galaxies. It is the power inside of you and inside of all of us. Andréa Albright is here to remind us that we are only as small as the limits we place on ourselves, and when we awaken to the reality that all of those limits are delusions disguised as fear, we take a breath and see that we are whole, perfect, and complete at this moment. When there is nothing to learn, nothing to gain, and nothing to prove, we find the unlimited potential that is lying dormant within, buried under layers and layers of dark coal, dust, and debris, the diamond is always there, waiting patiently, infinitely to shine the light.


We asked Ms. Albright, how do you find balance? She said:

“The word balance gets thrown around a lot. I don’t follow that advice. I invite you to go to your edge to find your greatness. When I wake up at 5 AM to practice yoga, there is no one telling me to wake up. My edge pulls the covers off my sleeping body that wants only to suckle the comforts of the long forgotten cocoon. When I dance on the mat, I leave everything that I can release in that moment, on that given day. I push myself to the edge of flexibility, stability, and peace — there is always the peace of the mind to guide you. It is the edge that is my teacher. She bacons me from a distance, seduces me into her chamber, and it is only there that I discover my greatness when I have dropped all the masks at her feet. You see, the edge is the opposite of balance. Balance means you are playing to the middle, and that will always keep you stuck in mediocrity. So many people talk about balance, and they are afraid when they wobble off their center, they retreat to the safety of their cave of delusion. I challenge you to go beyond balance, and to find a place where you’ve never dared to venture. That will show you the infinite power you’ve been hiding from yourself. Yes, I start every morning with a ritual. I call this, “The Morning Before The Morning,” and it is my sacred time that no one can ever take from me. It is the highest value time that I have in this 24 hours that I’ve been given, and even as my value increases, making more and more money, no one can afford that time slot. My highest self has it booked for eternity. That highest Self is the Queen that rules the Kingdom. The more I do, the more I need to serve that self-care ritual in the morning. When I show up to deliver value in my business, the first thing people comment on is, “Wow! You have such amazing energy.” That is an asset that cannot be replaced, transferred, bartered, or sold. They see “the real me” showing up and holding that highest value of purpose, health, and energy. The edge shows up for me in business as well. When I play the game of “dancing on edge”, I’m always asking, “Where do I feel fear?” That’s the neon light signaling the path I’m meant to take. By dancing on the edge of personal development, self-help, and business, I’ve been able to discover something far more significant than balance. I don’t cling to the inner womb of comfort, and I expand beyond anything that I can see in any moment of possibility to discover that all my fear perceptions are illusions that are there trying to keep me safe. There is something far higher than safety. There is trust. Trust yourself. Trust your body. Trust your heart. Also, surrender the illusion of balance that keeps you confined to only seeing the middle of every expansive, infinite, moment. I will meet you there.”


Andréa Albright is the CEO and Founder of Beverly Hills Publishing Firm ( that publishes thought leader books in 90 days or less in order to share their legacy with the world.


  • Jose Angel Manaiza Jr

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    MATHEMATICIAN JOSE ANGEL MANAIZA, JR. Former Child Star in La Ceiba, Honduras. Jose Angel Manaiza Jr. is known as “The Tutor to The Stars” from Malibu to Beverly Hills.
    Teaching the children of Hollywood celebrities to achieve success. Mr. Manaiza has helped over 1,200 students. Including NCAA student-athletes from schools such as UCLA, USC, and Pepperdine University.
    His patented speed-reading system is endorsed by three former U.S. presidents, and he has been honored in The White House.
    In 2018, Jose was knighted by the order of the OSJ in NYC. He was the first SAT Instructor to be published  in The Huffington Post on the topic of "The New SAT Exam."   58 of his students received an overall average score of 1456 on the SAT exam, and earned admissions with full scholarships.
    He has also been given a special recognition for his work from the City of Los Angeles, and the State Of California.
    Mr. Manaiza served as The Speaker Program Director for The California's Women Conference in 2019, where past keynote speakers have included Oprah Winfrey, Norma T. Hollis, Michelle Obama, Dame Mabel Katz, Laura Bush and Arianna Huffington. He is official biographer of Garifuna Writer & Historian Santos Centeno Garcia. Mr. Manaiza is a professional speechwriter who has written over 6000 speech scripts to CEOs, world leaders, and professional speakers. His famous workshop entitled "Presidential Speechwrititng" has helped many on how to write speeches.
    Mr. Manaiza resides in Malibu, CA and enjoys his weekends sailing in Marina Del Rey. For more information, visit