“Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.” – Robert Fulgham

You need to balance your life. How many of you have heard this over and over again?

Well, I have and I still do. Honestly, it used to upset me a bit initially, however, that phase has slowly fenced away now. I have become more of an active listener trying to imbibe from the receiving end. Let me tell you it was not easy but I have benefitted a lot from that, for sure.

Balance is a tough one for sure, but most definitely is the key to a harmonious life.

Family, work, friends, social life-phew, I was one swamped up woman. Busy, now that’s one word that cringes me, it always has and will keep doing so. I feel we all have our plates full till the top, however, every plate may have a different color and texture to it, so why keep rubbing the line I am busy all the time.

This was somewhat ME!

Have you ever asked a LIBRAN, how perfectly balanced they are? They seem to be so well stabilized in everything they do, I wonder how?

Me on the contrary, a PISCES/ARIES cusp, can be like a jumping energizer bunny hopping all over till the end.

I remember my conversation with my teenage daughter in Las Vegas, a few years back. Our eyes were glued on the feet of the Cirque du Soleil acrobat, while she was walking on the rope and had to make all the sudden twists and turns. Tippy-toed she maintained the most perfect posture, walked on the tight wire with a big smile on her face. Our hearts were racing fast and just the thought of her fall petrified us. My daughter with her eyes wide open asked me what would happen if she lost her balance? The answer was clear, she would be hurt bad.

Our life can also play similar tricks leaving us dumbfounded, sometimes overwhelmed, and sometimes completely bowled over. That’s where BALANCE kicks in.

I felt I was trying to swim harder than my flaps allowed, was stuck in a goldfish bowl gasping on top of my lungs to find the exit route. Finally, I said enough is enough! There had to be a way to find a fine BALANCE in my life where I would feel content and make peace with myself.

This is where I wanted to BE!

To make my life a bit easier I did a few things differently, changed my route, made some essential changes, and tried to be consistent. Yes, consistency is the key or you will falter. We are human after all, so it is natural to wobble and bobble, however, try to pick up from where you fall, reassess and dive back to the middle point.

Just a few pointers– we all know them, however, choose not to do so, but when life backlashes at us we skitter back hard trying to fix the chords, ( please do not judge me, it’s true, right ? )

  1. Even though I love to express myself through writing, I did not journal my day-to-day thoughts, goals, or activities. Always took the easier route by jotting down pointers on the phone- A bad idea for sure! Thanks to my daughter, who gifted me a beautiful Buddha journal, which I make full use of till today. I write daily before I hit the bed, do segment intending ( as quoted by Vishen Lakhiani ), plan my day, and make sure to thank god for everything through a few minutes of meditation. To date, I own a bunch of journals now, without them my desk seems rather barren.
  2. Now, this was a tough one for me. I slowly learned how to say NO. Please realize the word NO is not a negative word; instead, it is a sheltering word, protecting you, helping you minimize distractions, and setting personal boundaries. No need to be hard on yourself or feel guilty; remember you are in control here. I am trying to master the art of conveying clear messages and not go on a tangential route.
  3. Keep it SIMPLE- PERIOD!
  4. I was a classic example of “The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.” as quoted by Carl Jung. I realized the power lies within me, closed and made peace with the chapters of the past, accepted the present, and started living fully. 
  5. I read somewhere Trim, Trim, Trim. Add and subtract according to your need. I became a fierce caravan; now, it may be ruthless for some, but I had to be my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I started decluttering all the things that weighed me down and pulled my spirits in the wrong direction. I had no choice but to purge them away. The fresh breath of air was a must for my well being. 
  6. I have become a goal-oriented person. In my mind, I know exactly where I want to be in a few years from now. Do that for yourself, visualize, and the universe will manifest for sure. 
  7. Add meaning to your life. Add a purpose to your life. Live your passion– we all have that hidden somewhere; dig it out and do not let it rust. 
  8. I accepted and acknowledged that there is only ONE of me. I am not a superwoman and can only do so much in a given amount of time. Some things can wait; prioritizing is the key. Although my OCD ( obsessive-compulsive disorder ) is deep-rooted in my skin which I refuse to give up!
  9. Spend time alone– a solitary mind makes one think deep to the core. It helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses which you can work on.
  10. Make sure to unwrap, have fun, indulge, and spend time with people who matter in your life. I love my coffee in my favorite ceramic cup, nature hikes, yoga, hear my podcasts, play board games, mandala drawing/coloring, and watch my all-time favorite as of now- The Crown. 
  11.  Be consistent in your efforts. Trust me it did not come easy to me, was a struggle, a roughhouse. I had to pull myself out from a bunch of things that did not add any value to my life. I faltered. I stubbed my toes a bunch of times. However, in my mind, I was fully aware that the hard work would yield results soon and I was in it for a long haul. Do not deviate- you are answerable to yourself.
  12. My all-time favorite quote– A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit, and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy? Albert Einstein- No wonder the man was a genius!


Here I am, yes- life is good for sure!

I am in a better place.

I smile more. I laugh more. I humor more.

I am comfortable with myself. I approve of myself.

I trust myself more than anyone else.

Lastly, I look forward to welcoming the new balanced ME!

What are you doing to be in a balanced state?

Do share your thoughts, leave a warm, fuzzy, and positive comment for all of us.

Love, peace, and blessings