1. Tell us about your success and journey as a financial expert with Wedbush Securities under your office branded RunyanCapital Advisors:

I launched Runyan Capital Advisors at the end of December 2009 on the heels of the worst economic decline the US had experienced in decades. Keep in mind, the depths of the economic crisis had only been reached months before in March of 2009. I knew then, if I was serious about building a name and reputation for excellence in the investment management space in Beverly Hills, this was my opportunity. Fortunately, evidence suggested that what I was doing was working because we weren’t losing clients; rather we were earning more accounts from existing and new relationships. I sensed at that point if we demonstrated how much we care for our clients and stayed true to our premise of attempting to minimize risk we could have real business growth and success. I always talk about our investment philosophy of trying to earn meaningful returns, but more importantly earning meaningful returns with less risk, and it was starting to pay off. I implemented that focus when I first started in the business in 2001 (immediately following the dot-com crash) and it resonated with me and still does with like-minded investors.

Investors have a funny way of remembering that which happened last best. But, you know what I remember? I am always reminding investors, friends, family, anyone who will listen, that markets move in both directions and they do so fast. For example, just because we’ve been in a 10 year expansionary period, we still want to allocate in a way that if the market were to sell off, you still have ownership of assets in the portfolio that gives you comfort. Meaning, not so much risk that you’ll act in a reactionary fashion if markets decline in value. I’d rather be proactive and make adjustments now while markets appear rich or fully valued.

2. What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps and be financially educated?

Being financially educated isn’t hard; you don’t need a degree in economics to make a few good decisions. I think anyone can keep it simple: Pay off debt, live within your means, and keep investing, saving and building your portfolio through market ups and downs. Also, being successful financially doesn’t require an enormous income, but it does take discipline and commitment. Some of my clients with millions in their investment portfolio are prime examples of the “Millionaire Next Door” where they set funds aside during their career years, cared carefully over expenditures from their ‘purse’ by minimizing unnecessary expenses, and staying dedicated to their plan of investing for their future. Now they have more money than they ever imagined, and they won’t likely spend it all.

3. What do you do on a daily basis to keep a healthy life and balance with work, family, and sleep?

I’m a big believer in “it’s not that you have too few hours in your day, it’s how you spend the hours in your day,” so I live with intensity and maximize my time. I know how I use my time, and I’m either spending it with my family doing something so we’re all together, or I’m focused on business — either serving a client, bringing on a client, or figuring out next steps to demonstrate to someone they should be our client. And, when I’m not with family or doing business, I try to keep my mind clear with endurance exercise. Usually running, riding the bike (for triathlon), or taking pilates, but any sustained activity that helps improve your health is helpful in achieving a clear mind which I think is critical for success.


Drive, dedication and unparalleled persistence are the keys to Chief Executive Manager, Jeff Runyan’s nearly two decades of success. At age 35 he launched Runyan Capital Advisors to help his distinguished clientele in Beverly Hills, SoCal and nationwide meet their near and long-term financial objectives using thoughtful, thorough planning, evaluation and investment portfolio allocations to provide security, growth and income.

Jeff committed to a career in investment management early on. By way of background, it seemed destined as risk minimization was a regular dinner discussion topic with his father engaged with large-scale insurance companies and his mother managing one of the country’s largest credit unions.

His dedication, mindset, and adherence to goal setting are all valuable attributes when it comes to helping his clients meet their near and long-term financial objectives. His diligence, in conjunction with thoughtful planning, evaluation, and investment portfolio allocations help keep clients aligned with achieving their goals.


· Master of Science, Consumer & Family Economics, University of Missouri

· Bachelor of Science, Consumer & Family Economics, University of Missouri

· Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® and Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor®, College for Financial Planning

Board Member/ Lifetime Member/ Member:

· Rotary Club of Beverly Hills

· Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce

· Malibu Chamber of Commerce

· Business Roundtable — City of Malibu

· ‘Friends of Greystone’ — (Greystone Mansion Beverly Hills)

· Big Rock Mesa Property Owners Assn.

· USA Triathlon

· University of Missouri Alumni Association

· Jefferson Club (University of Missouri)

· Chancellor’s Fund for Excellence (University of Missouri)

Guest Speaker/Involvement:

· Team Beverly Hills

· VA Hospitals, Greater LA

· LA County MTA

· City of Beverly Hills

· UCLA Anderson School of Management

· Society of Civil Engineers

· Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers


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    MATHEMATICIAN JOSE ANGEL MANAIZA, JR. Former Child Star in La Ceiba, Honduras. Jose Angel Manaiza Jr. is known as “The Tutor to The Stars” from Malibu to Beverly Hills.
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    He has also been given a special recognition for his work from the City of Los Angeles, and the State Of California.
    Mr. Manaiza served as The Speaker Program Director for The California's Women Conference in 2019, where past keynote speakers have included Oprah Winfrey, Norma T. Hollis, Michelle Obama, Dame Mabel Katz, Laura Bush and Arianna Huffington. He is official biographer of Garifuna Writer & Historian Santos Centeno Garcia. Mr. Manaiza is a professional speechwriter who has written over 6000 speech scripts to CEOs, world leaders, and professional speakers. His famous workshop entitled "Presidential Speechwrititng" has helped many on how to write speeches.
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