Balance — it’s a tough one, we all think we’ve all pretty much got it nailed! But then life shows us in a myriad of ways how much we are all “just not getting it.”

If you could do a do over the thing I think most of us would say is that

I’d love more,I would love more authentically,I would laugh more ,I would do more of what I loved rather than do what I thought was more important.

In our self reflection as we look back at the picture and image of who we used to be we see the changes we have created or the lessons we learned the hits of life and everything in between in the youth of a face we now don’t recognise,the real smiles maybe have faded a little bit ,maybe our shine needs a polish ,photographs are an awakening to who we used to be and who we have become along the way.Life shapes us and redesigns our view reawakens our inherent talents like a catwalk model we adorn ourselves with so much outer glamour changing clothes and faces according to where we are seeking to belong and fit but inside we are all still naked ,raw,exposed and need the warmth of our favourite old familiar ugly coat.

What grew you up ?what grew you in?

Who revealed more of you the true you and who exposed the mask you’ve been wearing ? either way all roads lead to the same end which is

You got stuff to heal brothers,you got stuff to learn sisters and that together right now we are being gifted the biggest opportunity life can offer us to do all the healing that our heart shut off as we got busy with life .

If we really want to now is the time to really grow inwardly to see who you are emerging into feeling safe enough to loose the masks ditch the ugly coat and your comfy comforters and get busy with readdressing the imbalance in you,we can run but we cannot hide !

Eventually that imbalance starts to appear toxic not only to ourselves but usually all of those that share space with us start to see where that imbalance has penetrated and gone beyond I’ll cover it up with make up stage or I’ll down a few more beers or another bottle of wine please waiter there’s only so long we can suppress our emotions and our dysfunctional behaviour before the rising damp starts to seep through the carpet everything has been swept under.

It’s time .

As we move through the cycle of equinox we are invited to seek the harmony now within ourselves that we may see it outside of us too.

Harmony is a journey ,it’s a commitment to love and the way we can return to her centre if we keep choosing the growth,the way forward and the way out of the prisons of our own making by being brutally honest with yourself

No hiding,no comforters,no blanky

Raw,exposed,real down to it nitty and gritty kick you in the booty stuff

If not now,when?

Who will you be this time next year choosing this new version of you ? Take a photo catch your image next year you will not know who this you is anymore

Healing starts with a yes,a commitment a showing up with yourself taking full responsibility for the life your choosing to live and who you are within it .

Are you enjoying being the best version of you and if the answer is no then in your own intuitive knowingness do you recognise that this is your moment to grow,balance,harmonize ,emerge and shine you are the only hero and heroine in this version of you right now in your own story as it is written moment to moment , relationship to relationship unfolding page by page.

Loving life starts with loving yourself,fully , authentically, outrageously and owning your stuff as you go and never forgetting to take a moment to reflect adjust and become all that you are designed and shaped to be in the master creation catwalk style fabulous whatever you are adorning outwardly heels and all inner beauty heals us all.