As a child, I often imagined my life as a very important person. I felt that I would have a voice in this world.  People would listen to me and ask me my opinion, they would wait for me before making big decisions.  Then I’d rattle on with an impressive response using big important words no one knew the meaning of!  Sounds silly but that mattered to me! I guess growing up as a girl in the 80’s we kinda still had that thought process that men were the ones who had the final say and women were just supposed to listen! They were the dominant sex and that was that! As I grew, I found my voice which was not really a whisper but a scream! I’m here, and I’m going to make a difference! I didn’t know how or what I was going to do but it was going to be something important. After I got married and had my 3 children I still felt like I’m wasn’t complete in this world just yet.  I have more to say and much more to do!  I had a small business, was active in my community, had a great husband and 3 great kids but am I really important?  One morning, I woke up and realized this was going to be one of those hectic days ( all of my days seemed to be one of those). I never understood when other moms would say to me, “Thank God it’s Friday”! I would think, “who cares, do we get to sleep in on Saturday & Sunday and not take care of our kids”?  I had my youngest daughter waiting for me in her room to change her out of her wet diaper, my middle guy waiting for help with his art project for school, my oldest daughter asking me where babies come from and who decides to give you one and finally my husband standing around like a lost puppy wanting my opinion on a work decision he had to make. I felt as if I was in a blender! The day finally came to an exhausting end and at last I had a moment to process my day.  Quiet house with no one pulling on me or asking me for something! It was at that moment that I realized…. WOW!! I am someone really IMPORTANT with an important voice and an important opinion!  They all need me and want to know what I think. They ask me important questions all the time! I am a mother, a wife and a CEO of my family!  You can’t get more IMPORTANT than that.?❤️