While researching for my new book “The Gospel of Entrepreneurship” I stumbled across an article about the Bamboo tree. I began to read the article and was intrigued by the similarities of the bamboo tree growth process and that of a business. There were three things that stuck out to me about the bamboo tree process that relates to business.

1. The bamboo tree is planted in the ground as a seed, it’s yet the thing will become. After being in the ground receiving nutrient from the soil for three years the tree begins to sprout. Once the sprout pierces the soil the bamboo tree grows in height and dimension rapidly without interruption over the course of 60 days. It grows and grows and it’s able to sustain the rapid growth.

  • Business Application– When you have a new idea for business it takes time to formulate the idea. The idea is the seed and the seed must have time to receive the necessary nutrient or attention before it’s ready to be launch. Depending on the impact your idea has in the marketplace place, the more time of strategic planning and preparation it takes before it launched. During the time the idea is underground it should be accessed and analyzed, beta tested, and undergo a market analysis, to name a few. When the idea is launch if it has been through the process of assessment, analyzed, market analysis, beta testing it should be viable and there should be rapid growth like the bamboo tree.

2. The bamboo tree is evergreen- an evergreen tree is defined as having green leaves throughout the entire year. The leaves of the past season do not shed until after new foliage has been completely formed. The bamboo tree has green leaves throughout all season winter, spring, summer and, fall, it is useful and available the purpose which it was created even when the seasons change.

  • Business Application- An evergreen business is one that retains its relevance, reputation and, usefulness enduring all seasons while remaining profitable. Business has seasons within a year these seasons are called quarters, 1st Jan-Mar, 2nd Apr-Jun, 3rd July-Sep, 4th Oct- Dec. These seasons are all different because different things are happening that can impact the profits of the business, which is called risk. No matter what the risk is a smart business learns how to access the risk and statistically plan to be profitable. I like to call this Bold Outrageous Savvy Success Planning. The business is able to do this because it understand their audience and they remain relevant, repetitive and useful during all seasons. There are also other season or phase of business that’s beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless and evergreen business thrives in all season.

3. A bamboo trees growth is limited in a container- A bamboo tree can grow 18 to 30 foot tall in the ground. In a container the bamboo tree will not grow as tall, it will only grow ½ to ¾ of the maximum height. When planted in a container it requires more watering in the summer than if planted in the ground. The bamboo tree can survive and grow in a container, but for it to grow and produce at its highest potential it’s best planted in the ground where it has more room to spread its roots.

  • Business Application– A business that has limited exposure is able to grow. To be planted in a container in business is to not have a presence outside of the zip code, community, city or state you are located in. In today’s culture to be in business and not have a social media presence is like the bamboo being in the container. This can also be called playing small in business. I know it can be comfortable in a container but if you want your business to experience stratospheric success you have to position your business to reach outside your zip code, community, city, and state, I like to call this diversifying your brand. This is equivalent being planted in the ground where you are able to expand your roots. A container is a controlled environment and the container is controlling the growth potential of the business.

Being contained caused the bamboo planted to need more water or nutrient in the summer. Although it has extra water it would only reach ½ to ¾ its maximum growth ability. Your business suffers from playing small. No matter what resources you put into it it’s, it will never be able to reach its full potential while being contained.

Bamboo & Business have a lot in common if you are reading this you may not be growing bamboo but if you are it may be helpful. If you are reading this and you I’m going to say you are growing, looking to grow or starting a business. Either way, this article will be extremely helpful. Remember these three lessons from Bamboo & Business and position your business for stratospheric growth, success, and profits!