There’s a quote form the late Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book ‘I can see clearly now’ that I’ve absolutely absorbed.

“Fear knocked on the Door, Love answered and found no one there”.

A poetically perfect line which sums up the potency of fear when answered by love.

Our society however can sometimes use fear as a powerful weapon. Evoking fear in various ways can be a powerful motivator to drive people to action.

However as we’ve come to realise – fear can wear an Invisibility cloak when making much larger decisions in life. And when we’re accustomed to making smaller decisions out of fear chance are we’ve involuntarily succumbed to its mysterious yet subtle tentacles with larger ones…

There’s irefudable research to support the fact that there’s ONLY two fears we’re born with.

They are;

  • The fear of a loud sound
  • The fear of falling

All other fears are picked-up through our physical walk through life.

Hanging on to any other type of fear and making decisions out of, for example; ‘not wanting something to happen’ has a way of curtailing our creative genius in ways we can’t measure. We worry about outcome, rather than expression.

There’s a new concept I subscribe to that dictates everyone in this world is born a genius at something, and the process of life has a way of ‘de-geniusing’ us. The genius being referred to here, is our God-given skill or talent we can each respectively do better than anyone else.

Fear – inherited or through experience, makes us more concerned with possible ‘failure outcomes’ as apposed to courageously choosing a life aligned with our personal truth – our personal song and message to the world.

So how do we dispel fear? What’s the best way to get back on track quickly if we’re inherintely fearful?

Two ways immediately spring to mind;

Bringing Gratitude for every experience…

Since Gratitude is the highest form of Love it neutralises fear and quickly asks us to truly understand the already fortunate set of circuimstances we have surrounding us currently. Write 10 things you’re grateful for right now and stick it on your fridge door.

Another is to consciously choose happiness…

Contrary to popular belief, people who choose happiness don’t do so due to the absence of fear but rather, despite of it. We can all succumb to frustration, anger or become annoyed at our perception of the world but happiness always seems to be there waiting for us though trying times and more aligned with our inner nature. Happiness however, must be seen as a choice – a somewhat underlying understanding that if we constantly stay in our own Divine truth while being in service of others, happiness and fulfilment is the natural byproduct of that state of mind.

What about the EGO? The EGO often plays a large part here so it’s important to mention. Can it be silenced? First of all, the EGO is the part of us that will convince us that we’re right, entitled, should expect the worse and be in a state of worry. It is also concerned as having to having to correct others if we feel their perception is not aligned with ours. Arguing to the death and claiming your correctness isn’t you, its your EGO.

The EGO is concerned about meeting ever-changing immediate earthly needs and constantly compares our situation with others. It isn’t concerned or is aware of any form of higher consciousness.

To dispel fear and choose your inner good, the below 3 areas have been mentioned the world over to be the most effective;

Be in a state of appreciation everyday.

Spend an allocated time in meditation everyday.

Those things that you want for yourself, want them more for others.

If you can be in a mental place where you can practice the above 3 rituals everyday, you won’t have any room to entertain fear, let alone any fearful outcome.

You’ll be in a NEW state of appreciation for everything that comes your way – whether it looks favourable or not – life is there to help us grow.

Remembering we’re here for growth gives us perspective on fear and how to overcome it.

Just stay aligned with your passion and stay in spirit, chasing what’s important to you and piece by piece the Universe will never fail to show you how your vision will come to pass.