Zoe Scott

Lifted from her recent album, Shades of Love, Zoe Scott delivers her Bossa Nova-flavored version of Stevie Wonder’s iconic song.

Originally titled “Oh, My Marsha,” the song was written about Wonder’s girlfriend by Wonder, Henry Cosby, and Sylvia Moy.

Directed by Andrea De Angelis, the video was shot in Rome and features the rapturous dancing talents of De Angelis and Flaminia Ianno. Part of Scott’s Wave of Love series of wonderfully created videos, the visuals imbue the screen with the thrill and allure of love.

Zoe Scott moved from London to Rome, when she was 18. In Rome, she studied acting, songwriting, and singing, followed by moving to Los Angeles, where she established herself as one of the premier vocalists in rock.

Yet after a while, rock lost its attraction.

According to Zoe, “I remember the hard edges of it all. I loved it at first — the angst, the power, the energy, but simultaneously, I recall how boxed in I felt. I remember the moment I felt ‘this isn’t me anymore’ and I started a journey of self-discovery and healing. With that came new artistic expressions and new ways to see and receive love. When I first heard Antonio Carlos Jobim, I was swept away. I felt his soul through his music; through Bossa Nova and that was it.”

Immersing herself in the smooth, voluptuous textures of Bossa Nova, she released Shades of Love, a collection of 12-tracks laced by the cashmere, exotically mysterious flow of sumptuous Bossa Nova.

Opening on gossamer strings, “My Cherie Amour” merges into soft suffusions of jazz-infused colors, rippling on washes of stylish layers of coalescing hues. Scott’s rich, velvety voice imbues the lyric with warm adoration, mirroring the pulsing heart of true love.

Silhouetted against the grandeur of Rome, the visuals project the delicious sensation engendered by the exhilaration found in intimacy and passionate connection with another human being.

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