Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. However, it’s often neglected in terms of style simply because, well, you usually don’t spend that much time in it. This doesn’t mean there are no design trends for bathrooms, though. On the contrary, there are many amazing trends that serve to improve the functionality of the room and turn it into a relaxing oasis. So, if you’d like to upgrade your bathroom, here are eight design trends you should consider.

Vintage design

The vintage design seems to be quite popular, even when talking about the bathroom décor. You can introduce it through vintage mirrors, unique lighting fixtures, and smaller details like vintage knobs, wooden toilet seats, etc. You can find many interesting vintage items at thrift shops, and they would definitely add a unique vibe to your bathroom. Complete the look with some patterned ceramic tiles or gold accents, and you’ll be enjoying your new, timeless bathroom in no time.


Ceramic tiles are pretty common in bathrooms – from the floor to the shower, anything can be covered with ceramic tiles. They are also convenient due to their variety. Nowadays, ceramic tiles come in many shapes, colors, and patterns. The trend that’s growing in popularity, though, is terrazzo. It’s a composite material made of chips of marble or granite that is used mostly for shower floors. It also comes in many different color varieties. So, there’s pretty much no excuse for your bathroom to be boring.


In terms of tapware, you should keep it straight, metallic, and square. It would make your bathroom look cleaner and more modern. Matte is also very popular this year, and many sophisticated designs can be found in matte black. If you think this trend would fit your bathroom, you can find beautiful matte and metallic Phoenix tapware. This trend would surely take the appearance of your bathroom to the next level.


Your bathroom can be just as stylish as any other room in your home – if you actually put some effort into making it so. For example, you can accessorize it with practical details like a vintage tray on which you can display your most used beauty products. Or, if your mirror comes with a shelf, you can place some scented candles or fresh flowers on it. Moreover, you can find some unique and interesting hangers for your towels – and the towels can be used as decorative pieces too. It’s all about the details, so don’t hesitate to personalize your bathroom.  

More storage

When it comes to practicality, bathrooms with more storage options are the way to go this year. You might be concerned about the appearance of your bathroom with more storage options in it. Luckily, there are many beautiful ways to add more storage without sacrificing the style and making your bathroom look even bigger. For example, you can introduce hidden storage options. Or, you can split the storage options you have into compartments, so you can make use of the space in a more efficient way.

Indoor plants

Transforming your bathroom into an oasis is not a new trend, but it’s one that is here to stay. One of the best ways to do that is by introducing plants into your bathroom. There are many plants that thrive in humid environments, so if you have the space, use it for adding plants. You can choose a bigger free-standing floor planter, or you can opt for baskets with smaller plants. No matter how you choose to display them, you can rest assured that plants would instantly make your bathroom look and feel like your own personal sanctuary.

Practical showers

There is a growing demand for showers that are a bit more practical. This means that a shower today should include a bench and a steam system. Also, there should be some shelves or holes where you can put your hygiene products. So, if you want to go the extra mile, think about what you could use in your shower, and upgrade its functionality.


Considering the fact that technology is becoming more and more advanced by the day, it shouldn’t be surprising to find it in the bathroom too. For example, you can add LED lighting to your mirror, and you can install motion detectors in your taps. You can also combine your mirror with a touch screen, and control the lighting or water temperature more easily.

Just because you don’t spend that much time in your bathroom, it doesn’t mean you should settle for functionality alone. There are many ways to improve your bathroom’s visual appeal without reducing its functionality. So, consider the listed options, think about your interests, try the trends that suit those interests, and your bathroom will look better than ever before