Nutrition is one of the most important, yet least quantifiable, pieces of our health. Doctors have had to rely on things like surveys, questionnaires, and many other subjective measures of how nourished someone may (or may not) be. Education around nutrients to consume is based on general population guidelines that get no more specific than whether someone is male or female and their age range. And even well-managed, high-quality diets still leave people open to under-consuming key nutrients like vitamin D and chromium. Blood levels are the only way to really understand nutrient status, but even on the rare occasion this testing is done, it’s focused on a small set of vitamin levels and doesn’t lead to a clear course of action or re-testing to demonstrate a change. 

In summary- most everyone is very detached from their own data when it comes to nutrient status. 

When our co-founders started Baze, they sought to bring individuals close to their own nutrition data- and take control of their own health- in a manner that had never been done before. With a cool and convenient customer experience, a cost that is much less than testing done in the traditional healthcare setting, and a tireless incorporation of the latest cutting-edge research, Baze gives people the opportunity to measure, optimize, and re-measure the blood status of key, health-driving nutrients. 

It all starts with something called “The Baze Zone.” This is an individual’s optimal blood level for each essential nutrient. It’s the level at which research has shown real benefits like improved immunity, energy, or longevity. We’re not setting out to just avoid deficiency- we’re driving towards true optimization. We establish and update Baze Zones for key nutrients as the research evolves, and we believe that achieving these targets provides real, tangible benefits for users. These targets are unique to Baze, and form the basis of our entire solution.

We kick off the process of getting customers into the Baze Zone by sending a nutrient test kit directly to their home. No painful finger pricks are involved; instead, customers use an MIT-developed “TAP” device which collects a small blood sample from the arm via a set of micro-needles in only a few minutes. We then test each sample using co-developed, validated lab tests to show each consumer how their blood nutrient levels compare to their Baze Zone for these critical, health-driving nutrients.

Once we know the gaps, we are obsessed with closing them. We evaluate the dosages needed to bring (or keep) each nutrient level in the Baze Zone for each individual customer. Once we’ve determined the custom dose, we send monthly supplements in convenient, daily packs. In the future, we will incorporate food into this ecosystem to be another means of incrementally increasing key nutrient intake. 

And then the final piece of magic happens- retesting. This is where we learn even more about each customer- their new blood levels after 3 months, their response to supplementation, and the gaps that may still exist. This is where we begin to understand someone’s genes based on how they responded to the dose, how well they adhered to the supplement routine, and gain insights from our dietitians who review every single report. This is where our engine gets smarter, and our dosages get tighter. If we haven’t gotten you into the Baze Zone yet- we will. And our internal impact data is impressive. After the first 3 months of testing, 73% of our customers have moved entirely out of “deficient” zones and are well on their way towards the Baze Zone for these critical nutrients. It’s measurable, molecular change that can’t be argued. 

For the first time ever, we are giving customers the opportunity to truly optimize their nutrient status. Only Baze gives you the unique target- the Baze Zone, only Baze gets smarter and more accurate with re-testing, and only Baze can really show you how the actions you’re taking overtime are actually changing your biometrics. This 360 degree approach is revolutionary while also being really simple, and it’s never been accessible in the way it is today. We’re excited to continue to grow and expand both the front-end data (personal info that helps better adjust the individual dosage) and the back-end experience (adding in food and beverage options to help close nutrient gaps). We are building the world’s most powerful personalized nutrition platform, based on the world’s most modern science, and we hope to bring this solution to every American as we transform population health. 


  • Allison Baker, MS, RD, LDN

    VP of New Business Development


      Allison Baker, MS, RD, LDN, is the VP of New Business Development at Baze. Baze is a personalized nutrition platform that is reinventing the supplement industry. As a professional, Baker’s definition of work/life balance has evolved immensely overtime. Her original view was quite black and white, but as her job became less executional and more focused on things like partnerships, creative activities, and thought leadership, those boxes had to be expanded. For Baker, work-life balance has shifted to work-life unification. She believes it's all one beautiful, delicate balance that can't be over-categorized or over-engineered.