It’s sometimes easy to imagine ourselves separated from others through constructs like ideology, borders, race, gender, age, etc. As global citizens we have been divided on social media with our posts, opinions and comments. Emotions have flared at times, and our words have been unkind or judgmental.  Recently, our attention has shifted to staying healthy, social distancing, and for many, anxiety due to uncertainty.

We are reminded that we are not separate, we are quite connected. We share the same air, the same space, and the same planet.  What we choose to do now matters.  We are interconnected. Let’s choose to unite through acts of kindness with our thoughts, our emotions, our words, our intentions, and our actions. Choose to be an agent of love, light, kindness and compassion.  

Ideas to spread love and kindness:

  • Call or video call your parents, your siblings and your friends and tell them that you’re thinking of them.
  • Reach out to your neighbors, especially the elderly, to see if they need anything. 
  • Support local businesses like restaurants by ordering take out.
  • Ask how others are doing, especially those who are working and may feel anxious about their own health
  • Turn your cameras on during meetings to promote greater connection – no one cares what you’re wearing 🙂
  • Share positive messages that will inspire others through social media

I’ve recorded another meditation. Practice this loving kindness meditation and send out positive prayers, good vibes, and energy to the world.


  • Aneta Ardelian Kuzma

    Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Executive Coach, Life Coach

    CEO, Ardelian Kuzma Group, LLC

    Hi, my name is Aneta.  I am a wife, a mom to two amazing daughters, and grateful for all of my blessings.  After a successful 25 year corporate career, I started my coaching and consulting business so I can combine my diverse experience and education with my passion for helping clients create transformational change. I believe that each of us has unique talents and dreams that we are meant to nurture and share. Yet, many of us place our own needs last, and don’t make the investment in ourselves. As a result, we find ourselves burned out, having lost our zest for life, and not living our best lives. I am committed to helping my clients achieve their personal, business, and health goals.   I help clients find their purpose and make life changes, develop self-care practices to reduce stress and burnout, and make health and nutritional changes to improve overall wellness.  I also provide business consulting to organizations to help create a culture of mindfulness and wellness to drive employee engagement, reduce burnout in their employees, and increase innovation.