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As a Life Activator, Spiritual Teacher, and Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist I believe our food choices steer us towards the things we’re are struggling with the most. For example, how many of us have ever felt like it’s hard to say no to others, so instead you find yourself saying yes even when you don’t want to. Now your day consists of running around like crazy doing everything for everyone else. By the time 6 or 7 pm rolls around you’re tired and stressed. So, what do you end up eating for dinner?

It’s experiences like this we can find ourselves in an unhealthy relationship with food and our body. But why? Very rarely do we hear the nutrition experts talking about why, but instead
talking about how – how it’s all about “balance.” How do you expect a person who struggles with balancing their life, kids, work and relationships to have balance with their eating?

I believe it’s possible to be fit without eliminating foods or counting any calories at all. How? Well, it starts with getting fit with your mind. Why? How we feel about ourselves shapes the beliefs we have about ourselves. Limiting beliefs like – I can never commit to eating healthy or healthy eating is so hard shape the relationship we have with food. Why? Well, what if like the great Buddha once said, “what we think we become?”

Your mindset is what nourishes your relationship with food and your body. By exploring this relationship people can gain powerful insight into the bigger challenges in their life. From self-confidence (or lack thereof) to holding boundaries (or lack thereof) food is not only an excellent way to enhance your well-being but an incredible tool to get fit with who you truly are – mind, body, and soul.