Be Happy Who You Are

There is no magic formula for happiness.  If we want to build our well-being, we have to learn how to do it around our personalities. A balanced lifestyle is key to achieving happiness and it’s crucial that we find the balance that works for us.

Accepting Our Differences

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert all depends on how you process the world around you.

Introversion is often mistaken for shyness because both are characterized by limited social interaction.  But unlike the shy person, who wishes to engage with others but is fearful of doing so, the introvert can socialize with ease – but doesn’t always choose to.  They tend to feel more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts, rather than what is happening externally.

Introverts tend to be reflective and self-aware.  They often take their time making decisions and are comfortable being alone.  These personality types are often described as more reserved and will need time away from others to recharge their energy.

Extroverts are often the centre of attention.  They thrive around other people and tend to dislike too much time alone as it drains their natural exuberance.  These personality types tend to be described as happy, positive and sociable.  They are often seen to be more open to new experiences, more agreeable and more conscientious. Society tends to view extroversion as the default setting for human beings and introversion as a deviation from the norm. 

Introverts often feel like they have to wear an extroverted persona in order to make a good impression and fit in.  Living a lie can lead to increased anxiety and lower self-esteem.  It’s important to remember that neither personality type is good or bad.  Each type has something significant and unique to offer.

Play To Your Strengths

People also have enormous strengths and inner resources that can be tapped into and used effectively.  Thinking about personal strengths and using one’s natural abilities can increase your mental capability to accomplish your goals, feel a greater sense of satisfaction with life and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Playing to your strengths also means using them in appropriate situations, at the right time and to the right degree. For example, working from home once seen as the exception, has now become more commonplace with the current circumstances.  Introverts could thrive in this environment, increased alone time complements their personality type.  No longer exposed to the daily pressures of having to perform a certain way in often loud, busy and crowded environments and allowed to make comfortable decisions of their own, could be seen as an ideal situation. 

The stripping away of  barriers often creates a freeing sensation for many people, who perhaps didn’t realise how inhibited they were before.  Working in a way people like to work, can bring a renewed sense of validation.

Finding Your Happiness

In life it is important to look for the kinds of experiences that bring you joy – only you can make yourself happy.  Gratitude and appreciation for all you have, together with acceptance of your unique qualities, can help you think more  positively about yourself.  You just have to decide you’re worthy.