All that we ever need is available to us in the very moment. And our liberation from suffering is available to us in the very moment. And ONLY in the present moment.

Being here now, in this very moment, is the key to healing all that ails us, health-wise and even otherwise.

If this feels hokey or impossible to you, know that there’s veritable science to support this notion, as well as millennia of ancient wisdom.

Try it a little bit of being here now yourself. Use some of your inner medicines.

The simplest, easiest and most powerful tool we have for experiencing the power of the present moment is our breath. Specifically, abdominal or belly breathing. It’s our most powerful inner medicine. Another potent practice is meditation. Another inner medicine.

For a little guidance on belly breathing, here’s a short video from Central Park, with my trusty assistant and wise spiritual adviser Benjamin in attendance (if you haven’t met Benjamin, he’s a Golden Retriever!):

And for a little guidance on meditation

These inner medicines, by their very nature, toggle on the parasympathetic nervous system. That’s the system that’s needed for rest, repair, rejuvenation and healing. That’s where we need to be to heal, health-wise, and to even shift circumstances and situations in our lives. That’s where we need to feel peace of mind. And that’s the place from where all clarify and inspired action arise. From the place of being, not doing.

Because….We don’t suffer because of what’s going on in our lives, because of the circumstances and situations in our lives. Rather, we suffer because of how we think and feel about them. And changing how we think and feel about those circumstances is how we shift them.

And those inner medicines are the first steps to doing just that—changing how we think and feel.

Please know that I’ve been there myself. I’m a physician who’s been a patient many times over. I’ve experienced what felt like long, dark tunnels of despair and anxiety. And I’ve learned that the path to freedom from it all is in the very moment. It’s how I’ve healed my body, how I’ve healed “dis”-ease and how I’ve healed my life….And it’s how I continue to find a place of peace, in the moment, no matter what’s going on. And it’s how I find clarity and solutions. And it’s how inspired action arises. Effortlessly. Simply, by being here now.

Again, try it a little bit for yourself…..And stay tuned for more tools for being here now, for finding freedom from suffering.

As always, yours in service,

Dr. Trish