During the holiday and wedding seasons, we single gals can get triggered. Unfortunately this ruins our chances of finding love even more… we might withhold joy to our friends getting married or planning couples’ vacations for the holidays, intentionally hurt or sabotage those in relationships, come across as jealous or disinterested… when all that’s going on is that our heart hurts that we haven’t met the one… yet and we’re unable (or unwilling) to do our internal work so that we can show up present and happy for our friend’s joyous union, sensational plans, or overall joy.

Sometimes when we get triggered, we might get competitive which makes us less than pleasant. When we value our worth from the outside in, we become highly unattractive as a friend and as a partner.

Most of the time when we get triggered, we beat ourselves up which lowers our self-esteem… what’s wrong with me?  

Everything has its divine time, instead of going south and judging yourself, see if you can find reasons why this is a blessing that you’re single, what’s right about being single? How grateful you are that you are in a space to love yourself and how happy you are for the moment when that special someone does show up. This way you love you NOW, are happy for your friends NOW and show up glowing and authentic for every occasion!

Why is this important? Because if you’re judging you, so will everyone else. So I say be grateful, kind and be the Real YOU!

Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt’s passionate devotion to her audience via her podcast, blog, and coaching sessions helps men and women reclaim their joy, freedom and personal power dating and in relationships.


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    Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt inspires open-hearted courageous living, with delicious sass. Her passionate devotion to helping men and women reclaim their joy, freedom and personal power dating and in relationships is rooted in her own experience. She challenges and inspires her clients to be unapologetically true to themselves, & to bow in reverence to their exquisite spiritual and sexual nature.