One person working on the bed during the lockdown.
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Well during the Pandemic, I don’t think you’re working at your office. And, these lockdown and many other restrictions are made so quickly that we’re unable to create a “Work” environment at the Home we get in our dedicated office. As a result, you gonna miss many things. You gonna miss the chair that was made only for you to give you the possible rest or at least you don’t feel the work as a burden. You gonna miss your desk which was designed to meet your requirements.

And, several other things which were developed just for “work”. But, amid pandemic, business owners have chosen to fill your pocket with salary. For that, they’ve proposed a new way of “work” called Work From Home (WFH). Our home is our home, not our office that has everything you need. So, you have to work with the minimum things available to you. You may not have your desk, a full-speed internet connection, a peace – the most that you need, a dedicated chair that’s designed for you just to not let you feel the work burden.

As a result, the speed you was getting in your dedicated office won’t be equal while working from home. Also, the quality will drop significantly or maybe a little bit. In addition to that, you may get a little bit bore, a little bit of tired, or you may also be not able to concentrate. That’s the reality of WFH. Everyone don’t necessarily have their own desk and/or own room.

I was also facing similar problems.

So, I’ve discovered many different ways to counter these problems. And, it will definitely gonna work for you. So, we’ll go through each problem in detail.

Problem #1: I’m unable to concentrate to my work because of noise.

This problem could be because of many reasons like television, children, and many more. If it’s because of television, the only solution is to move somewhere else in your home. Your family may be a little big. So, instead of moving them all, you move. You can choose the balcony where you may face direct or indirect sunlight. You can also move to the kitchen, which isn’t an all-time busy place. I’ve moved to stairs on the first floor of my house with one pillow. You don’t believe me that during the morning, I’ve spent my every morning on the stairs. I would like to thank the pillow which became my best friend.

The second solution is that you can use your headphones. Well, it’s not a good idea to place them all-the-day. But, when the television is ON, you can wear it just to get the peace. I’ve spent my every morning with my headphone just get a very calm environment. Don’t consider the earphone here, as it’s not gonna work like headphones.

The third solution is that you keep your children busy in making drawings, writing poems, or in a soft exercise. They are your children, so, never be hard with them. Making of drawings is one of the most interesting ways you can use. You can tell your children to draw a picture of a natural scene, your family, your house, or any other things around you. Take a note that your daughter will be impressed if she draws a very beautiful flower. You just have to connect your phone with television and ask your children to do their best. In an early age, they like competition, but they don’t want to lose. So, tell them that the one who draws very identical will get a very impressive gift. But, in the end, don’t forget praise both’ work.

Problem #2: I’m feeling uncomfortable just because of sitting position.

Well, it means you don’t have a dedicated office or especially a dedicated computer chair. It’s your long term habit to work on a computer chair that’s what makes you feel uncomfortable. The similar thing has happened to me. As in the solution of the just above problem, I’ve said that I approached stairs of the first floor of 2 story home. I’ve also mentioned that I have taken a pillow with me. During the very first time, I’ve just taken one pillow. But, because I’m used to taking rest on the chair, not on stairs while working. So, the stairs were creating a comfort-problem for me. And, I must have to found a way to solve it, otherwise, I couldn’t complete the task given during WFH.

So, I have just taken other 2 pillows and used them for my back to take rest. And, it worked like charm! But, at the same time, the laptop was heating so much. So, I’ve to also find a way to get it resolved. And, at the same time, I cannot use a pillow because it will eventually block the air exhausts of my Macbook Pro. As you know, air exhausts are placed on the backside on Macbook. In addition to that, I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable on due to the less than average elevation of my legs on the stairs. And, that was indirectly causing a typing problem. I wasn’t able to type at the same speed I got on a dedicated computer desk. So, I needed to find one solution to get it resolved.

So, I’ve used one pillow and a photo frame. I’ve placed pillow first on my legs, then a photo frame, and then have put my laptop. Now, I have nearly a dedicated office-type sitting environment was created just to meet the original efficiency.

Problem #3: Typing on my lappy isn’t going easy for me at home.

That’s because you might not be getting the tactile feedback from the keyboard of your laptop. Let me again share my experience. Before a Macbook Pro, I was using an Acer Aspire lappy. I was nice but the keyboard wasn’t tactile. But, my work involves continuous typing. Also, it requires speed. Hence, because of a little bit less efficient keyboard, I had to check some letter twice – whether they are pressed or not. As any one of us decide to buy budget laptops, they don’t look at the very important factor – a tactile keyboard. As a result, they need to buy an external keyboard. Also, I had to, before I switched to my brand-new Macbook Pro.

Hence, whenever you go for buying a budget laptop, always check for the tactile keyboard. If the keyboard is not tactile, then I wouldn’t recommend spending money for. There is only one solution to this problem. And, it doesn’t work all-the-time for everyone. In the membrane keyboard, if you find the keys are not properly responding, or at least the way it should respond, but things are going as per your requirement, then try to press keys with a little bit extra pressure. It gonna emit a more than average typing-sound, but you won’t be needed to double-check the letter. Also, for some people, the pain started in their fingers. There are no other ways to solve than replacing it.

Actually, there is still one way left, but it won’t give you an accurate result. You can use your lappy’s microphone, if it’s of high quality, to write down. But, in my experience, laptops’ mics are always either average, a little bit above-average, or mostly below-average in quality. And, that will led you to speak one word more than one time.

Problem #4: My lappy is eating more internet data than my work requirement.

Well, many of us are not computer expert. And, OS developers are rolling out many updates frequently. In addition to that, if you open the Task Manager on your laptop, you’ll find many services are running in the background. Many of them don’t consume your internet data, but all are not same. If you are using a Windows laptop and the Windows update is turned ON, then the computer will start downloading the update-data with the top-most priority queue. It’ll also not leave the way for web browsing. As a result, your entire internet data will be eaten.

And, that’s not limited to just Windows. MacBook has also many background services, even more than Windows OS.

For the prevention of the consumption of unnecessary internet data, just set the connection as a “metered connection”. It will then prevent all background processes or apps from accessing the internet. And, this way, this mechanism will save most of the data. In Windows, you just click on the Wi-Fi icon, then the sidebar will pop up. Then click the network to which you’re currently connected. And, turn the switch “Set the connection as a metered” ON. In Mac OS, you can do it from Settings.

Also, if you’ve installed many browser extensions on your browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or any other, then must disable them. They also consume internet as they have to process the website before presenting in front of you.

Problem #5: Personal care is become a little bit hard.

Personal care was also a tricky one before the pandemic. And, it has now crossed the limit. However, there’s one thing you can do – just ignore it. But, all of you cannot because things are not the same for everyone. Here, what I consider the WFH disaster for those who are in the field of marketing, teaching, or any kind communication-intensive. Before the pandemic, you were meeting directly, but during the pandemic, you have resorted to the online meeting apps like Zoom or Google Meet. Again, in both cases, one thing is very important and you must have to prepare for it. That thing is nothing other than your look. So, here, I’m gonna also cover it. You know what, I don’t know about other people. But, I liked this pandemic since it has taught me many things.

So, If you’re a man, I don’t think you need to care much more to your facial look. I mean, If you’re going somewhere for presentation, you gonna care only your hair, clothes, beard, and face. For clothes, I don’t think it’s a matter to worry. Not even the look of your face. But, the hair and a beard are what a matter to worry. As of now, the lockdown has been lifted in many countries except for some European and African countries as of today, 26, Jan 2021, I’m editing this my previously written article. But, if the lockdown is still in action, you can’t do much. I mean you cannot go to the barbershop. If you have a hair and beard trimmer, you can use it to style your hair and beard. However, don’t try it blindly for hair. First, approach the YouTube, find out several videos that teach how to cut hairs, and then apply. If not have, consider buying the¬†best trimmer¬†immediately after the unlock.

So, that’s all for this article.