Are you proud of you? This seems to be a question that many people ignore in today’s world as people shy away from showing off self-confidence. In the rare cases that people do display self-pride, others often label them as cocky or overconfident. I do not boast the most self-confidence by any means but have realized that most of us deserve to give ourselves some credit. Everyone deserves a pat on the back sometimes and it doesn’t make you selfish to acknowledge yourself in a positive manner. Even if this is a mental boost of confidence that only you know of, it can ultimately benefit other aspects of life.

It seems that society has us so fixed on always needing to be better that we never stop and give ourselves positive acknowledgment. Now, I am all for improving yourself every day but having confidence in the moment is a must. Don’t lose sight of what’s ahead because you’re still critiquing the past. Avoid allowing your past to creep into the present and damage the growth that you wish to obtain.

The time we spend being proud of ourselves often gives us a boost of happiness that can go a long way. If you are taking the path in life that you truly desire, then be proud of yourself along the way because that can propel you to a great sense of fulfillment. Life doesn’t last forever and we need to take the time to positively reflect on ourselves as individuals. We all have the opportunity to be our own largest supporter but many choose to be their own worst enemies. Will you spend your days constantly criticizing yourself or will you be your main source of encouragement? We should all take the time to practice self-confidence. We are all unique in various ways and that is all the more reason to be proud of who we are.

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