A life of happiness is understanding that this moment is all that you have. Trying to change the past or worrying about the future only distracts you from what is truly important… living now! To not be present in the moment is to lose that moment in time forever.

During these past few months, the most rewarding thing has been being still. Being present in the moment. Having an excuse and reason to not be hurrying to the next fulfillment. My phone has been put away and my focus has been on what is with my right now. My children. Their innocence, pure joy, love, and simple pleasures in life were actually a refreshing drink for me in comparison to the dim of noise from life, social media and the news outlets.

Being still and listening to my children allowed me to create bonds with them that will last a lifetime. It has always been said that the more children you have, the better. That way you have more people to take care of you when you get older. But unless there is relational bonds and your children feel loved and cared for by you being still and present for their needs, what is the guarantee of that promise?

My interactions with my children have deepened by doing these three things:

  • Consistency. Daily we had time with just ourselves. My kids chose what they wanted to do (that did not involve any media or technology). This has become something that they look forward to and it has actually lessened sibling outbreaks. Win win!
  • Engagement. Because the library has been closed, we have had extra time to read and re-read our favorite books together. This is the most precious time to see their curiosity and for them to ask me their inquisitive questions. For parents who are engaged in their childrens learning through reading has shown better academic skills in school later on.
  • Music. This has always been a staple in our home from the beginning, but now being still with my children has allowed me to focus on really teaching them the music and instruments that gives them joy. When children learn and play music, it encourages patience, time management, builds self-awareness and self-motivation.

Deep inside, I wish for these moments to stay forever, yet with the knowledge that time continues, my children and I still have our daily time each day to just be still and enjoy the moments of being together.