“I don’t understand why you can’t just stop thinking about IT.”

“I don’t understand why you get upset with people when they want to talk about IT.”

“I don’t understand why you get upset when people don’t want to talk about IT.”

“I can’t believe you think IT is such a big deal.”

“I can’t believe they got mad over that one comment, that one person’s opinion.”

“I can’t believe she started to cry when they said IT.”

“I can’t believe he got so angry when they made a big deal of IT.”

“GOD! No one can say anything anymore about IT without hurting someone’s feelings.”

“I’m so annoyed, I am afraid to open my mouth about IT for fear of offending someone.” 

Be THANKFUL you don’t understand.

Be THANKFUL you can’t believe.

Be THANKFUL you are just annoyed.

Be THANKFUL you just have to watch your words.

Because if you don’t understand, you can’t believe, you are annoyed and you feel like you have to watch what you say—it’s because you’ve never had to accept what you can’t have. You’ve never had to survive hurt. You’ve never felt like you’ve been misunderstood or disrespected or disregarded. 

Be THANKFUL that you haven’t had to experience what other’s have had to experience. BUT, I will send good vibes and strength your way, because Honey, life is about how you deal with struggles, everyone goes through something, and if you don’t understand now—you will.

Written by: Dayna Mohan