Be the giraffe

with feet planted firmly on solid ground

yet with an all-inclusive view.

This view is not ‘Pollyannaish’, however,

because it is all-inclusive.

Seeing what does work does not mean

the giraffe’s vision is clouded to what doesn’t.

But regardless of what is happening around her

the giraffe doesn’t forget she’s a giraffe.

So even those who run circles through her legs

do not unsteady her.

Fear and blame can be swirling among those

who are trying to find their way out the forest

but from where the giraffe is looking

she knows that if they too will only lift their heads

they will then see what she sees.

The all-inclusive view

sees the fear and blame swirling

but does not get caught up in it.

Without judgment of any of it,

as the giraffe stands steadily free of it,

gradually, gradually, gradually

others begin to wonder at the steadiness of her legs

and then –

they begin to straighten themselves up.