How do you always start your mornings? Do you wake up first thing in the morning to have some coffee? Listen to some music maybe while checking your notifications and schedule of the day? Or do you just wake up and figure shit out as the day goes by. If your life is the latter, there is a lot I would like to know. Like how do you prepare for the day? How do you prepare for the meals you will have for the day? How do you look forward to anything at all?

It’s funny how things are. We always like to seek external truths while ignoring the simple internal ones. You can’t be telling yourself “It will all work out” when you are barely doing anything to make a dent in life. You can’t allow yourself to be blown away by the wind in every direction it goes. You just can’t get used to things as they are.

For starters, there is no limit to what you can do or achieve. There is no limit to what can happen in life. Life is that unpredictable. Anything can happen but you cannot allow yourself to be a bystander. You simply cannot allow others to be the talk of the town while you’re still breathing. Doesn’t it bother you when you see someone you know personally figuring things out in life and you are yet to do so? All you can say at that point is “Good for her” when what you actually want to say is “When will I finally figure things out?”.

That is a good question. When will things finally work out?I have a good answer to this question. Do it. Stop your whining, stop the complaining, stop the victim mentality of “Why me?” and just do it. What’s stopping you from doing what you wish to do? Nothing at all. So, take this point home, do it. This might be the only important piece of advice you might ever need to hear in your life. Even mine. Just do it. At this point I sound like an ambassador for Nike. 

So, stop looking for inspiration quotes on Pinterest, stop looking at how people are being successful, stop beating yourself up. It is time to wake up, put your game face on and just do it. This time, things will be done differently. Instead of looking for inspiration to be motivated, you are the motivation.