Many know I have been focusing on healing my gut due to the many years of fertility drugs, so I have been doing some research and reading. There has been studies done on individuals whom have had “Radical Remissions”. Meaning, they have been diagnosed with terminal diseases, but have been able to fully recover within in a short period of time and the doctors have no explanation for this sudden healing. 

***(I have not been diagnosed with a terminal illness, just found this all very interesting, read on.)

To save you a bit of reading let me tell you of the 250 healing protocols and regimens that arose when interviewing over 1500 such people 9, yes 9, changes showed up in every person’s healing regimen:

*1)radically changing ones diet

2) taking control of ones health

*3) Using herbs and supplements

4) Following ones own intuition 

5) releasing suppressed emotions

6) increasing positive emotions

7) embracing social support

8) deepening ones spiritual connection

9) having a strong reason for living

What I found so fascinating is that only 2 of them were physical changes (*). There rest of the changes made by such terminally ill individuals were emotional. All of them required one to go within and release negative feelings and emotions that have become stagnant in the body and caused disease. 

I truly believe that we aren’t just hunks of meat walking around aimlessly for no reason. Our bodies are built to survive. Our environment, whether physical or emotional, plays an enormous part in our health. (If interested, read more on epigenetics) There is a place for all medicine, but if you can help the healing process by changing your thoughts, feelings and actions, why wouldn’t you?

Written by: Dayna Mohan