Be water. My friend.

If you have watched the movie – Titanic , you would have observed the iconic scene , where Rose and Jack are at the edge of the railing. Jack extends Rose’ arms and Rose says- “I’m flying”, with wind whipping through her hair as the Ship lunges upward and forward on the surface of the dangerous sea, the wind hums a delicate melody that thrums in her veins and she gets a bout of an extraordinary epiphany.

We may have our own versions of epiphany where we have lost our sense of time while doing an activity we were passionate about. This phenomenon is called Flow. During this phase we tend to feel a deep sense of excitement, satisfaction and enjoyment that gets carved deeply in our psyche for eternity.

Our concept of life, crops up from the various events and experiences that lay out the framework. We may feel good or feel bad about our perception. But what if I tell you by setting a positive expectancy out of your life you will achieve exponential growth and create a never ending phase of being in the Flow?

Best things comes when we are able to stretch our body , mind and spirit to achieve something worthwhile. When I practice the power of flow I generally ask myself the following questions – ” What is that one thing I enjoy most that sidetracks all my worries and concerns?”
“What am I grateful for in life?”
“How am I proving my naysayers wrong? How has it helped nurture me as an individual?”
“What have I learnt from my setbacks?”
“When I am experiencing the highest form of epiphany what is it that I would be doing?”
“How do I define happiness?”

By beginning to answer the above questions I will achieve the following things :
I begin to get clarity on what I do.
I begin to understand the know hows of doing the activity.
I begin to get a direction and some of the milestones in the path.
I begin to get clarity on the possible hurdles in my path.
I begin to let go of all the things that are stopping me.

Once I have a clear understanding of what I enjoy doing I begin to push my boundaries. I begin to record my thoughts and ideas , and most importantly I begin to act on my ideas. By doing this I achieve a sense of momentum that pushes me forward and keeps me excited. I use the internal pressure and external pressure to propel me to move forward. I also have a solid back track mechanism to let me know if I am falling off track.

I consistently ask the following questions everyday before I hit bed;
What is my ultimate outcome?
How near am I towards my outcome?
What is my ultimate purpose?
What am I planning tomorrow with respect to my outcome?

Having a clear end result in kind is essential to create FLOW.