Be how you want to be. Not how you think you should be, or how you’ve been before. Just be how you want to be now. 

Are you living life that way right now? 
Or are you tied up in an outdated version of yourself?

Its a funny thing in life that so often we get caught up in ‘shoulds’ and old stories that keep us stuck where we are.
We stay stuck with outdated views of ourselves that keep us playing small rather than doing it exactly like we want to. We say things like – I’ve never been slim / stylish / funny / organised / charismatic <insert your own favourite put me down and self limiting belief ?> 
But the honest truth of it is we can be whatever we want to be when we stop filling our own heads with our own limitations! Like the old adage says “Your only limit is you!” and this is so true.
Sometimes others help to keep us stuck too…”oh she’ll never do that”….”you’re so….”….but we’re all underestimating each other, ourselves and our ability to be exactly whatever the hell we want!

I always find exercise to be a good example of this for me. I was a fat kid. I’ve always sucked at most sports – ball sports, team sports, athletics….you name it, it just wasn’t my thing. I never got picked. I didn’t ever want to go to sports day. And my overriding belief was always – Dear self….you just suck at anything sports or exercise related so stay away from that! But in actual fact that was just an old story…A story that kept me away from exercise for many years and still had me dipping out in fits and starts. 

And it wasn’t until I started to challenge that old outdated view and I started to replace my old version with my new one by just taking action that I realised that I can do whatever the hell I want. And hey even if I suck at it I’m still getting to do what I want and that is ultimately all that matters! 

So now I go and do yoga and enjoy it. I can lift weights and do burpees (although I’d rather not ha ?) in the gym. I can go and try ballet again even though I am 40! 

Yep that’s right it took me a while but i’ve thrown off the shackles of my younger self and gone boldly in the direction I want to go in….and I have to say it feels good! Midlife crisis I hear you shout….maybe! But hey try it on for size – I think you might like it!

What would you do if you thought you could do or be anything? 

Drop me a message to [email protected] and let me know