What Does it Mean to Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

If people knew how dark and cold your days have ever been, they would comprehend why you dance under the bright and warm Sun.

If people knew how big your biggest life hurdle was, they would acknowledge your resilience. They would acknowledge why you dance without to your own rhythm.

If people knew how hard your struggles in life have been, they would let you celebrate both your small and big wins.


Unfortunately, most people will never know/ feel the intensity of your experiences. Some may do but they won’t care as much as you do.

Being your biggest cheerleader is the best thing you can do for yourself and the best gift the universe can grant you.

Learning to love yourself with all your flaws, celebrate your small and big milestones, and learning to be kind to yourself is an art that is worthy learning

And learn to identify and deal with Negative Self Talk – kick that obnoxious roommate out of your head.

Like Silhouette – Life May Seems

We can all agree that,our lives are different at different times. How can we expect others to see the depth of our desires if we, sometimes, also lose track of them?

I have had a long life and, whereas some time back I wished I could get amnesia, I am glad I have all my memories.

I look back at my life with wonder, sometimes shock, a little guilt, zero regret, euphoria, confusion, etc.

I love where I am, and I think were it not for my experiences, I would not LOVE the simple fact of being alive today.

My joy would not be as pure, and I would still be wasting time, energy, and precious emotional resources fighting useless, insignificant battles.

I choose my battles wisely now.

Becoming Your Biggest Cheerleader

Sometimes you are the only person who comprehends your story in its TRUEST Version.

You may, therefore, be the only person to cheer yourself on; the only person who can put your broken pieces together.

Some people may think Super Glue would fix your broken pieces together but you know, in your heart of hearts, that duct tape will work just fine. Or vice versa.

Trust your instincts.

Life Lessons

  1. Dance to your own rhythm

You may think you need other people to beat the drums or play the music for you to dance, but trust that you have it within you to cheer yourself.

2. Say no to Societal Pressure

Refuse to be boxed into societal confines that always work against you.

3. Measure Progress by your Standards

 Since few people know how deep into the abyss your life may have gone, let no one convince you that your milestones are too small or that your dreams are too grandiose.

4. Be Realistic about Life

Life can (with or without your input) take a good or bad turn.

Dream as big or as small as you can BUT trust the process.

5. Enjoy the things that make you happy

Create enough memories to last you on your bad days

6. Exercise – It works magic for the mind

Physical exercise cheers the body and the mind

7. Dress-Up

Dressing-up for any or no occasion is good for your esteem.

8. Walk or do ordinary things

Do something that seems too ordinary, yet works wonders for you.

9. Take time off

10.Belief and Have Faith in Self

If you cannot and will not do something, let no one guilt-trip you into anything.

Last Bite

I believe in the beauty of diversity.

I believe that, whereas we may be weighed down by life, we can tap into the reserves of our existence and draw enough strength to see us through horrible days and  our lowest  moments.

We should appreciate the support we get from other people but remember that when people turn against us, we can drag ourselves to sanity and personal development.

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