For years I thought I needed a teacher. I thought and knew that there were many wiser beings out there. You know, the ones that write the books and speak and give workshops and things. These people have studied and are somehow more advanced than me I thought.

I had inklings through my reading spiritual teachings and connecting within myself, that we are all born knowing. We become disconnected over time when life happens and forget the spiritual truths that we were born with. This knowledge is what the teachers out there know as well. We know it, they know it, so how come we can’t just all know?

I think it makes a lot of sense that I and so many other people look for someone or something on the outside of us to help us learn and grow. It makes sense that it is difficult to understand that we are all just as magnificent, amazing and wise as any teacher we admire.

We’re told by older and more experienced people our whole lives that that is the truth of it. We all are born knowing nothing, we need to go to school, or ask our parents, or older siblings etc. I don’t know about you, but that often didn’t make much sense to me. I felt that a lot of those people didn’t know what they were talking about but I was told that I was supposed to learn from them so I learned to doubt my own knowing in order to defer to them. I continued to forget the knowledge I was born with in order to not rock the boat, to not embarrass or shame anyone “above” me that was supposed to know more than me. I continued to disconnect more and more from the trust and faith in myself that is my birthright.

Has anyone else felt this way? Looking for something on the outside because you’re sure you’re not enough as you are? At the same time knowing that you know things, and knowing that some of the teachers that say they know things are wrong? It can be kind of confusing.

But not really, it’s really pretty simple.

We are all a piece of the same whole. We all have the potential to heal, teach, and evolve our consciousness towards the light we all came from and are ascending to. I guess I’m just saying…You got this. I got this. We all got this inside. And the sooner we can stop giving our power away to others out of fear, the sooner we will collectively rise. It makes sense that there would be fear of our individual power and the power of a group of empowered beings. That has never been the case before and we just don’t know how it would be. Often people get scared of the unknown. Often this is an illusion. Fear is not real. It is our imagination’s way of protecting us from things that have never happened, and in all likelihood probably won’t. It is our ego. It gets in the way.

Again, I’m not saying teachers aren’t helpful. We all need them for certain things, and more during some times in our lives than others. There will always be skilled experts in fields that can help us understand things from a new perspective and help us grow. It is so wonderful that there are so many great enlightened teachers out there now to help the great awakening that is taking place. For each teacher there is a student.

We know ourselves so much better than anyone else.

The more I study, the more I learn and grow, I’m realizing that the teacher I’ve been looking for all of this time is me. I know my flaws and growing edges. I know my accomplishments and vulnerabilities. I have and will continue to seek out experts and loved ones honest feedback and reflections of my blind spots in order to continue my evolution, but I will never put more stock into anyone’s perception of me than my own soul/higher self.

I would not have awakened spiritually without spiritual teachers. I also am so excited to continue to learn and grow from many spiritual teachers over my lifetime, forever! I am also so excited to continue to learn about and from myself I am able to connect with my own intuitive wisdom for the decisions in my life and that is also what has led me to the right teachers at the right times to continue my conscious evolution.

I have had insights to go to certain workshops or buy certain books that have led me through their wisdom or synchronicities to the next right thing that improved and expanded my life so much more.

Teachers are there to supplement our growth as an additional mouthpiece for god. We know the answers, or we wouldn’t have even been able to find the teacher, that led us to the next teacher to hear the thing in a different way than we were able to tell ourselves in order to assist in our really deeply understanding it.

Our soul is leading the way.

So the teachers are sooo important! Without those louder mouthpieces from God it is more difficult to evolve. But our souls are the ones that lead us down the paths of finding the teachers. The teachers are almost like extra blessings on top of our soul’s path…very necessary, but without our soul leading the way the teachers are never found and our path is never lit up as it has the potential to be. Our soul knows the way, we have to listen to it and listen to the teachers it guides us to, but not depend solely on one teacher or teaching for the “answer”.

Anyone that says otherwise, in my opinion, is still working through their own ego and fear that creates the illusion of separateness and division. Very well-meaning but unconscious still to the universal truth that we all are one.

We all are one and all have access to the universal source of loving consciousness that is around us all the time, calling us to wake up! Calling us to let go of fear and searching, and to relax into the allowing of the universal energy to support and guide us to our highest good. You have this inside, you came from this, you got this!