Internet Marketing is no cup of tea. It involves a lot of work, seo fixes, sourcing clients, persuading them and finally closing them. When you have been doing it for a year or so, you realize that you develop some mental strain and your head gets heavy because you are always thinking of how to improve your marketing skills, your conversions and profits. You are always dreaming of the next thing. Every minute you are thinking of your next hit or the next prospective client that you can close. You are always thinking of easy keywords that you can rank easily and bank through search engines. And it is so stressful and fatiguing after doing it for a long time.

  1. Amasuite tool for ranking and banking easilyDavid Guidon and Chris Guthrie had developed this top-notch amazon affiliate marketing tool called Amasuite that helps you to easily analyze your competition, get easy keywords that you will rank for quickly and start making enough money to oversee other projects. It is simple and intuitive

2.       Automatic tasks – some things can be done via programs. You do not have to be there to do all the donkey work. For example if you are looking for prospective clients on social media, you can always work with automated scheduled posts so as to have them posted when you need them to.

3. Outsource work – you do not have to do all tasks by yourself. Get some assistants to help you out. Once you train them to work for you, you will find that you are getting lot of free time and you can use the free time to think of other creative ways to better your marketing skills or even start new ventures. I for example always have some VAs to write up the amazon niche sites content while others will be building backlinks and social media signals.

4. Take a break – the company will not fall because you were absent. No take a break and don’t think of work for a while.

5. Work from home – working remotely can help you because it helps with the work-life balance. While still doing your marketing thing, you are able to connect with family and interact with them so that you will never have the feeling as though you missed anything.