We’ve all been there before – where we feel like we have so much to do but can’t muster the energy to get going. Everyone experiences this every now and later, but what keeps achievers and successful people such as Kamilla Rodrigues Almeida going is one thing. That is getting rid of stress.

It may sound very simple just talking about getting rid of stress, but a lot of people still struggle with it. 

If there’s anyone that should know about stress, it’s a model in the digital age who juggles being an influencer with managing the demands of keeping her followers updated. On top of it, she must keep her numbers growing. That, after all, is the only way to keep sponsors rolling in. 

This is the typical life of Kamilla Rodrigues, beauty model and influencer. And judging by how seamless she keeps her life and business going, it’s obvious she’s getting it right. Speaking with her, she let me in on some of the secret tips that have helped her to stay stress-free and keep her skin glowing, and still remain highly successful.

1. Understand your stress level and stay within its limits

Image via Instagram.com/kamillameidaa

Kamilla’s first tip is understanding the level of stress that your body can take and avoid going past that limit.

 In our chat she revealed why that is important to help her manage her business, stress-free.

 “The best way for me to stay stress-free is to understand my body and be aware of its limits. It’s important for me because very little uptick in stress can easily reflect on the skin and the face very fast, and the message of beauty of how we prevent our external pressures from getting to us.”

Kamilla definitely understands that the best way to stay beautiful is to keep our stress levels low. This means controlling our we expose ourselves to stress and pressure. 

2. Embrace time-blocking technique

Multi-tasking is another major stressor we create for ourselves in our daily routine. This is partly due to the desire to get more done in the apparently little amount of time we’re allotted each day. And the race to accomplish more creates the illusion that if we can do a lot at the same time, then we’ll get more work done.

Kamilla Rodrigues thinks differently. 

Aside from being a beauty model, she is also an influencer that travels around the world and shares her experiences with her hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

“I try to stay really organized with my activities,” said Almeida. “I’m more productive with my time and can stay on top of my day when I’m doing just one stuff at once, without allowing different activities to interfere with one another. I start by breaking all my tasks down into smaller bits and then focus on the tiny bits – and only get to the next after completing the earlier one. I believe this is called the “time blocking approach” in scheduling and time management. It really helps me to stay stress-free and get more done.”

Whether you’re managing a hundred-person company or are an influencer that works with a team, you’ll appreciate that more often than not, the demands of getting so much done can get to you if not managed well. 

3. Take care of your skin

Image by chezbeate from Pixabay

For Kamilla, beauty means a lot of things. But beauty cannot happen without taking good care of your skin and your entire body. Whatever beauty means to you, it must start with giving your body the care and attention it needs and deserves.

“For me, part of what beauty means is the ability to show others that anything is possible. So, this means I must take good care of my body and keep it in good shape. I must also make sure I only eat foods that can nourish my body and bring out the glow on my skin.”

While a lot of influencers have gotten the rap for being superficial, Kamilla seems to go deeper into what being an influencer means in its true sense. This is why she pays attention to her audience and what her appearance means to them.


Being beautiful, at the end of it all, is felt and appreciated from within. Nonetheless, both inner and external beauty can be destroyed when stress overpowers you. This beauty model and digital influencer shares how she keeps stress from interrupting her busy life.