When was the last time you made your desire in any present moment known, without feeling like you had to justify it?

You just let yourself get caught up in the pure pleasure of it and proclaim to the world (or even just your own inner critic) “Because I w-a-n-t to and that’s good enough for me.”

“Because I want to” (said in defense)

No, softer….

“Because I want to” (fully pronouncing the “I” and the “want”)

Getting warmer…but still a little angry

Because I want to” (emitted like the poet Rumi, silky and golden sliding off your tongue, careless of who’s watching because you know you’re saying it to give yourself permission and it’s been a looong time comin’.)

Yeah, that’s it…

“Because I want to.” Because you want to what says the ego? (Attempting to cut you off at the pass.)

Because I want to ride like the wind,

take the day off,

go sailing,

write my novel,

hire a public speaking coach,

jump in a water fountain,

jump out of a plane,

begin to build my non-profit,

daydream my empire into being,

sleep in late,

make love,

make pie,

sing along with Beyonce to “who runs the world?” (girls…uh, yeah!)


Because I want to.

Let this become a new frequency you are willing to play in.

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Give yourself permission to Shine.

Stop defining yourself by how well you take care of others (while quietly building up resentment.)

When you investigate your inner desires, what do they feel like?

Does “your story” jump in with deafening and defeating mind chatter? (Think, can’t, shouldn’t and any other adjective that takes you down faster than turning on the news and hearing the latest political conundrum.)

Who runs your story? (you do, subconsciously)

Can you change it? (yes)


Because you want to.

Life can be this profoundly simple, if you want it to be

Do you remember when you were a child and had all the time in the world to stare up at the clouds, daydream, plan your next superhero mission, read a new book on your bed on a warm sunny afternoon and take a nap?

Do you think you can feel that kind of freedom again?

If not, why not?

That’s worth investigating. I can already hear some of you say, “well, someone’s got to work and pay the bills.”

Yeah, and…?

“And do the shopping, and the cleaning.”

Um, ok…and?

Someone once said to me “if you feel stressed, just remember, Beyonce has the same number of hours in her day as you do in yours.”

Time is a fickle lover, when you’re happy, she can feel like you have all the time in the world to get things done, but when you’re feeling stressed, she can feel like the weight of the world is upon you to perform.

Is it really a coincidence that parents overdo and become stressed and children crave independence?

There is a very old paradigm shadowing women portraying that success equates to being “super- everything.” Super Mom, Super Business Woman, Super Partner, all ending up in super…tired….

When we begin to truly investigate our feelings, we can start to change “our stories” to ones that set us up for success and pleasure, but it requires honesty, practice and discipline.

There are deep seeded reasons why we do what we do. Usually they go something like this:

“I feel like I have to be everything. I have to earn a good living, keep up with the house and the laundry, and make nutritious and healthy meals every night, or…” (or what?) “or…I feel like I failed.”

“Failed at what?” “Failed at life…” “And how does that make you feel?” “Unworthy.”

“Unworthy of what?” “Of love…if I’m not perfect, no one will love me and see me the way I want to be loved and seen.”

There it is…

The deep wound women today all carry in their DNA.

There is no coincidence that the human race is evolving (read: outdated, outmoded, exclusive, controlled, manipulated male dominant systems breaking down) and the feminine (read: nurturing, caring, community, fluid, inclusive) is rising. There is a balance lacking between them.

Recently, I spoke of how we are creating the “macrocosm” by our individual “microcosmic creations” and we can connect a dot here and draw a big curly feminine line between the two.

In order to create the world we want to live in, we each first need to look at how we are creating our own worlds and once and for all, let go of the deep wound that is a lie.

The truth is, you are the one who needs to love you and see you the way you want to be loved and seen.

If you are basing your worth on how others treat you, then sister, we need to talk….

No one can ever be exactly what you need all the time, for the rest of your life in order for you to feel worthy.

What if the boyfriend doesn’t work out?

What if your job just isn’t the right fit anymore?

Then, there’ll be a new boyfriend, who’s nicer, and a new job that’s a better fit.

It doesn’t mean you are flawed, or that you failed, or that you are unworthy.

Lord no, it doesn’t mean that at all.

“Geez, could somebody give me a human guidebook puullease?”

Yeah, I know…

But you’re going to be ok.

You didn’t come here naked and alone in search of pants.

You came here with a custom team who can see the whole picture and has promised to light the way.

And let me tell you, these guys, these guys won’t ever let you down and won’t ever hurt, reject, misguide or abandon you.

And they won’t let you see yourself through their eyes, they will hold up the mirror so you see yourself in your eyes.

I remember someone showing me a line of poetry that changes in meaning based on where the commas are placed.

“Woman, without her man, is incomplete.”

“Woman, without her, man is incomplete.”

And to be clear, I am not speaking about sexual orientation or relationship preference, I am speaking to the masculine and feminine energies that lie within every human being, the delicate balance and how we are still currently operating from the first sentence structure with a desperate need for the feminine to rise up and take her rightful place.

The only way that happens is when we as strong, capable women also soften and make time to take care and nurture ourselves, this is the only way we have more love to give. And in case you haven’t looked outside in a while (and I wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t) love is a frequency in great need on this planet right now.

When we can each acknowledge the wound that lies within and begin to heal it, by claiming our worth, by recognizing the lie, by knowing we are created in the image of God and are our own sovereign beings, by honoring all others as capable creator beings, (that’s a biggie) we can begin to shift our focus to our desires and not what is “needed of us” playing out in default programming. This programming was designed to keep the feminine energies controlled, quiet, subservient and feeling what? Yes, feeling…unworthy.

And, recognize that we contributed to that default collective programming by responding to that very wound telling us that if we are needed, then we are worthy. That we are incomplete alone.

It’s time to switch off autopilot.

It’s time to stop the set up.

It’s time to nurture your dreams and your feminine intuition, for it has the ability to soothe the wound and heal it. It holds powerful magic.

You know deep down inside that you can heal your life, your wounds and live your dreams, with energy and verve,

if you but put yourself on your own calendar.

You also intrinsically know that the out of balance masculine approach of control and dominance is not what you should be attempting to mirror, please or emulate. The voice within that guides you is not of that source…the voice within is one of love and encouragement.

This is why I profoundly love my Soul Shifting Session work. They are the heartbeat of the story that once shifted and overlaid, becomes the focus of manifesting dreams…your dreams.

And when you shift, you also help to shift the collective. When you live your unique greatness, you lift up humanity.

No biggie right?

We’re all in this together, makin’ it awesome.

Because ladies…it’s time….

Book a Soul Shifting session and we’ll work it out together.

The world needs more of your Special Greatness.

When you fly high, others naturally have to lift up to keep up.

If you want to study with me personally, be sure to check out my private session work available, my NEW Audio LoveCast Trust Your Light:The 5 Basic Principles to Living a Meaningful Life and my personal study course Thrive.

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