A year ago I was depressed. I was in a bad marriage, I weighed 440 pounds, my knees hurt, and I had high blood pressure. I was eating a lot of fried chicken and pork and drinking soda. I’d eat a whole bag of cookies at a time. I didn’t exercise and I didn’t have the energy for my 15-year-old twins, Douglas and Katlynn. I got divorced and transferred to another store where I saw the Challenge booklet, which inspired me to download the app.

I began cooking simple, healthy meals.

I’ll make chicken or shrimp fajitas with cauliflower rice or lettuce wraps. I grill or bake everything and use spicy seasoning. For snacks, I love broccoli and carrots with ranch dressing. I don’t think occasional treats hurt, so I’ll have a popsicle, or a couple of Oreos sometimes — but now a bag will last a month. I’ll weigh all my food to help with portion control.

As a digital shopper, I’m moving all the time — I walk 20,000 to 30,000 steps a day.

I also started going to the gym with my friend, Danielle. Some days I wouldn’t want to go and she’d say, “Come on!” It helps us both to be accountable. I have more energy for activities with my kids, like going for hikes with our dog, Blu. I go to football games with my son, which I never used to do because I was ashamed of looking so plump. Now, I’m proud of myself and I’m happy for the kids to have friends over to the house.  

By cooking instead of eating out, I’ve saved $1,000 and opened a savings account. It’s great because I don’t need to worry when I get my car fixed. 

I’ve become a leader in our church.

I volunteer with a support group for recovering addicts, which is really fulfilling. I also attend church services three days a week. Having a spiritual focus helps me stay peaceful. We also have a women’s group — we’ll eat together, enjoy gospel music, and talk.  

I’ve lost 240 pounds and I feel like a new person.

My blood pressure’s down and I’m not taking any medications. I went from being a size 28 to a size 12 and had to buy new clothes. I donated bags and bags of my old clothes to charity.

The Challenge is a way of life for me — it’s much more than a diet.

My kids say they finally got their mother back! They’re so proud of me. They both love our new lifestyle and have lost weight too. It’s become a family journey and the Challenge has helped us to make better choices. I’m positive and ready to go in the morning; my goal is to become a store manager and I’m on my way. My best advice: Be around positive people.  

—Becky Boudreau; Supercenter #0410; Murray, KY; $5K Winner

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