Queen, It’s Time to Play Your Royal Position!

Min. Nakita davis

Affectionately known as the Atlanta Book Hitmaker and the Proud CEO & Founder of Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer; I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of women from around the globe on their pursuit to Authorship, stepping on stage to propel their mission, and aiding them in combining the right mix of marketing, media, & PR to Soar.

With the release of our team’s latest Queen Collaborative book entitled;

Girl on FIRE!: FIREPROOF I wanted to take this time to share 3 Invaluable tips to help EVERY Woman (Queen) to level-up and pursue their God-given purpose with passion this month.

Girl on FIRE! Tip #1

Queen, You must start your day off centered, calm, and with a heart of Gratitude.

We’ve all been there. Monday morning, alarm blaring, heart-racing, disheveled and displaced. Its hard to Live your best life and walk in your purpose when you cant even THINK!

I start my day off with gratitude to God, reading my bible, prayer, and just a brief moment to myself. (Also a strong dose of coffee ~ Don’t judge me)

I do understand that everyone may not have the same Faith; even if you do not; the universal concept of centering your thoughts, mind, and finding reasons to be Grateful are a must to be a Girl on FIRE!

Girl on FIRE! Tip #2

Collaborate, Collaborate, and Collaborate some more! I have heard Women fall for the notion of:

I can do this by myself- I don’t need anybody!”

Sis, can I be honest with you? This is a BOLD face lie!

Sure, one person can never hold your destiny over your head; however, we were never meant to ‘do’ this journey alone. At some point you will need other people. The critical key that takes some folk a lifetime to figure out; is how to select the RIGHT people to be in your inner circle for these times.

“We all need someone.”

We do not know everything. The quicker you realize that the right collaborations and mutually beneficial partnerships are the key; the quicker you will bee-line to your GREATER!

By yourself- you can Win, but with a group of like-hearted Women; You can WIN AND INSPIRE an entire Nation to RISE UP!

This is exactly what my team over @jesuscoffeeandprayer has been able to successfully do over and over and over again with our Queen collaborative books. Girl on FIRE!: FIREPROOF became an International Best-Seller literally overnight and #1 in the USA on International Women’s Day. This was a God thing in tandem with a group of women determined to share their message to the World. My Queen Coauthors are a shining example of Collaboration over competition. #squadgoals

Girl on FIRE! Tip #3

The Final Tip that I will share with you on your journey to becoming a Girl on FIRE! this Women’s History month is to be willing to BET on YOU!


If i could scream this to the people in the back of the room, i would.

So many people will fall short of fulfilling their Dreams and Crushing their God-sized Goals because they are unwilling to invest in what it takes to win! Many want the discounted, watered-down rate, but want Premium results. If you have not figured it out-it typically does not work like that. #Facts

The moment I truly began to invest in myself, my business, my personal and professional growth- is the very moment my business began to SOAR! Simply put- You can NEVER expect others to invest in you if you are NOT willing to Invest in You.


I get it- we are still knee-high in a pandemic and it has arguably been one of the most difficult year/years for many as a result.

“But something inside of you has to be willing to DIG DEEPER to produce fruit you have never seen before. Insanity is repeating the same process over and over again and Expecting different results.”

As I challenge you, I challenge myself too. I am not immune. To achieve my next level of Greater, it will Absolutely require that I STRETCH mentally, emotionally and financially too. I understand this concept, respect it, and welcome it.

My hope for you as you read this begin to think of ways you can restructure your budget to secure your GREATER! What can you scale back on to reach Your lifetime goals? Where can you flex to build your Empire and your legacy here on earth?

I believe when you do these 3 things on a consistent basis, and put in the work to show up and SERVE your tribe; You Will Be Blessed.

If you want more Amazing tips from Trailblazing Women who have overcome obstacles, defied the odds on their road to Success; then I employ you to grab a copy o the #1 Best-selling/ International Best-Selling book:

Girl on FIRE!: FIREPROOF this Women’s HerStory (History) Month.

Rooting for You to WIN!

Cheers to Your Success~

Shameless Plug and Congratulations to our 2021 Girl on FIRE! FIREPROOF Queen CoAuthors: Min. Nakita Davis (Author), Dr. Cheryl Wood (Author), Frances Jones (Author), Elizabeth Crawford (Author), Cynthia Videau (Author), Angelecia Stewart (Author), Michelle S. Thomas (Author), Tiffany D. Bell (Author), Ebony Jones (Author), Yvonne Brown (Author), Frances Frazier (Author), Shawana McKinstry (Author), Mijiza Green (Author), Tina Ramsay (Author)