I remember the first time I made side money freelancing on a project.

It was like a whole new world opened up. I was going to get paid extra for sharing my experience. Until that moment it was something I took for granted that I knew.

What Happened

I was twenty three and booked for an event. A few days after the contract came the client called. This was their first event. They wanted to pick me brain for an hour. I had worked events for five years and they wanted to tap that experience. Until then I had never thought to sell my experience.

They wanted to talk about what made good events work and bad events go wrong. They offered to pay me $250 for the hour! Then my hourly freelancing rate was $175/hr for strolling magic.

Our talk saved them over four thousand dollars in catering expenses and another three thousand ending the event an hour and a half earlier than scheduled.

This resulted in me making an extra $250, getting a repeat client, and one of the best testimonials I had. This was when I realized my freelancing experience could earn me extra income on the side.

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What I Made Last Year Freelancing On the Side

In 2016 I made an extra $4,597 freelancing on the side. How? I did two things.

1)I consulted on client’s copywriting projects:

Once every other month a client who didn’t hire me will contact me. Their story is always the same. They hired another copywriter and got mediocre copy. They remembered my proposal and contacted me to consult.

You ever had this happen. It is great! You can increase your hourly freelancing rate because you are offering a specific service catered to their needs. Depending on how big the project was I made between $275-$350/hr consulting on their project.

2)Rewriting Bad Copy:

You could make a career out of fixing freelancer’s mistakes. It happens a lot. Freelancers get in over their head and deliver bad work to clients. You want to tap into this market and charge your full rate for easy work?

You can do it. If you want to land gigs where you fix bad work here’s how:

-Write a great proposal and send projects for them to review similar to the results they want.

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Remember This:Clients remember great proposals.

Great proposals are like seeds. The message you send grows with clients. They might not book you for the project but when something goes wrong or another project comes up they will remember you and seek you out. I book rewrites regularly because of this.

How Often I Book Rewrites

I book a rewrite once a month. Unlike consulting projects I don’t increase my rates to rewrite. Why? Simple.

-A client who hires a freelancer to work on a project and then hires another freelancer to fix the project often has multiple projects I can work on. Even if I never book an original project with them they could still pay me to rewrite all their work. Don’t believe me? Here is an example off Upwork where I started on a $100 project and ended up booking $2,680 with the same client.

Example: I made $2,680 rewriting three projects for a client. The client originally hired me for a $100 project and loved my work so much they sent me everything they needed fixed.

Want to make extra money on the side by tapping into your freelancing experience? Read on.

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How To Make Money On The Side

The demand for excellence, help, and experience remains constant in all fields. How do you get clients to book you for side work?

-Find the weak parts in your field.

*If you are a photographer that may be image editing.

*If you are a graphic designer that might be sizing.

*If you are a writer that might be solid long form content with a cohesive message.

Look for freelancing work people in your industry ignore or hate. There you will find freelancing opportunities to make money on the side consulting, fixing, or re-doing completely.

Final Thought And Example

There is always more money on the table. Here is another example. This once is about how a freelancer was leaving money on the table by not offering to help with all of a client’s needs.

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I was on a Firestarters coaching call with a landing page expert. He had hit an earning ceiling around $2K and wanted to break through and earn $5K a month.

I dug into his problem and found his mistake. It wasn’t in his service, it was in his psychology. He was stuck in the charging by the hour mindset. You ever been stuck in the same mindset? You know the feeling. You are afraid to charge big money because you don’t think clients will value the hours you put in? Here is a quick peek into how we solved this problem.

We created a simple plan for him to shift his focus, widen his perspective, and deliver turn key projects to clients at $5K a pop! Want to learn more? Are you interested in:

*Increasing your income $3K with one call

*Breaking through what is holding you back

*And having an expert in the field work one on one with you

Then email me at my magical world at hot mail dot com to book a one one one, 20 minute consultation with me. We can walk through one problem, create a powerful resolution, and get you earning more right away.

Make your subject line, ‘I Want to Catch Fire’. If not I won’t get it. I look forward to your emails and working one on one with all of you!

Originally published at livegoldrich.com on March 29, 2017.

Originally published at medium.com