Real Potential Comes From Self-Acceptance. Become Flawesome

Kristina Mand-Lakhiani is known for being an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and co-founder of several companies with her husband, Vishen Lakhiani, including Mindvalley, Awesomeness Fest, and Zenward.

Mindvalley is a personal development and education company that offers online courses, events, and content to help individuals improve their lives and reach their full potential. The company’s mission is to create a global impact by empowering people to live their best lives and make a positive ripple effect. 

She is also known for her passion for education, personal growth, and spirituality and has spoken at events and conferences worldwide on these topics. Kristina co-authors the book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” with her husband Vishen, which has become a bestseller in the self-help genre.

Kristina advocates for women’s empowerment and leadership and has spoken and written about the importance of gender equality and creating opportunities for women in the business world. She is known for her entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to personal growth and spirituality, and advocacy for women’s empowerment and equality.

My mission is to help you .create an extraordinary life by making authenticity the heart of your being. 
Kristina Mand-Lakhiani 

Becoming Flawesome

Becoming Flawesome explores the concept of “flawesomeness”, which is the idea that we can embrace our flaws and imperfections and still be awesome.

In the book, Kristina shares her journey of self-discovery and growth and how she learned to accept and embrace her flaws. She also shares practical tips and exercises for readers to develop their own flawesomeness, including self-reflection, mindfulness, and gratitude practices.

The book also touches on broader societal issues, such as the pressure to conform to societal norms and the importance of diversity and inclusivity. “Flawesome” encourages readers to embrace their unique qualities and flaws and live authentically and joyfully. 

Crush perfectionism and self-doubt by unapologetically adopting your completely awesome self—imperfections and all—with the co-founder of Mindvalley. 

It’s odd to think we can simultaneously live as ourselves without ourselves. Yet, as life happens, we fall in love with the idea of who we could be instead of with who we are—leaving parts of ourselves behind and losing sight of what and who is truly important within ourselves.

By sharing revelatory personal anecdotes and reflection prompts, Kristina helps to guide you toward:

  • Finding your own truth despite the external and internal critics
  • Transforming from the Perfect You into the Real You
  • Embodying a life where no one needs fixing

The book has received positive reviews, and I concur! I found it inspiring, thought-provoking, and practical. In addition, I particularly valued the authors’ personal stories, insights, practical exercises, and tips for developing flawesomeness. Additionally, the book has resonated with me. I observe how we feel that societal pressure to be perfect can be overwhelming and that embracing one’s flaws can lead to greater self-acceptance and happiness. Finally, I appreciated the book’s broader message of inclusivity and diversity, her personal growth story and her path to self-acceptance.

Lastly, the practical exercises are remarkable, and as a fan of journalling, this is a powerful element of the book. You can Pre-order her new book and get a unique GIFT, a 10-day online programme on self-love.

Happy reading!


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