Discover China

Sometimes we human being gets confused with our thoughts as well that we actually wanted in life and what we do.

I sent a letter to my employer that I need a break! – I really needed a break to explore myself and do what I feel and makes me active. 

I read many theories how to be healthy, active and smart at work but usually, theories are not enough until we do experience it physically.

Now, At this stage – I prepared a list of the best three things to do in my life during my vacations. I planned to explore some of the exotic as well as historical places and this will be a solo trip so I will have complete peace of mind.

Quickly, I started searching for the best cities to travel in the world for historic places then I found its CHINA. As they have 1000 years of historic places exist and stored. While reading about china. I already started feeling good and developed scenes in my mind. (Yes, Its started happening really)… 

Further, I dig down more and find out the best cities to visit in china and selected to go with Shanghai, Beijing and Xian! These 3 cities I marked myself to explore on my next China trip.

I booked my tour with an online marketplace in China and then packed my bag along with some gadgets. Yes, I love a gadget! 🙂

As soon as I arrived in China, I already feel super amazing, that smell of sand, fresh air and people! All was amazing for me at that second and I totally freshened up with my thinking, messy thoughts. All literally was gone.

During my travel, I learned 3 best things which help other people in the reactivating process and re-energize them.

  1. Whenever you feel upset, Bored at work, stressed in life! Take a Break and Go somewhere far alone to rediscover yourself.
  2. Don’t go with expensive things. Just spend time and money on yourself! Be with local people and listen to their stories.
  3. Meditate in Silence and Spend some time in front of Sea! This gives you a completely new sense of feeling and empowers you a lot.

I hope this article gives you an opportunity to do a good thing in your life and create an everlasting memory. Would love to hear your thoughts about this so email me on elenajohnso[email protected] and let me know how you feel it 🙂