Confident boss

These days, the big question is not about what keeps a CEO up at night.

It’s more about what keeps all of us up at night and it’s the same thing that keeps many of us down all day.

 It’s about: uncertainty and insecurity.

 Like it or not, we are headed for massive transformation in the way we live and work in the coming decades, due to amazing developments in info tech, bio tech, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence etc.

Changes that will blur the lines between systems, processes and emotions and what it means to be human. 

No doubt, it will be a mesmerizing and sometimes chaotic period of change.  

Our security is already being rattled by the impact these impending changes will have on our economic stability.

One of the major areas of impact for us is the world of work. It’s being totally upended.

Technology – especially automation – is changing the concept of what a ‘job’ is and, in the process, will change what we do in our lifetime and how we do it.

As we are generally defined by what we do – for better or worse – this development in the world of work has huge implications for us as individuals.  

Facing this scenario, we now have a huge opportunity to step back for a moment, to ‘stop, look and listen’ to what’s going on around us. Then, armed with this insight we can take charge of our lives and make a plan that mirrors our life purpose and take steps to make it a reality. The key point is to take stock and make that plan because if we don’t, someone else will make a plan for us. And it might not be to our liking.

So, it makes sense to become the CEO of your own life!

Being a boss means that you must have solid information to make the right decisions.

Taking charge of your life also requires insight – insight as regards who you are – your behavioral traits, motivational needs, personal values etc. The route to discovering those is via self-awareness.  

 Self-awareness will help you to double down on your humanity and be more present – more alive – in your own life.  

It will help you to take the steps that are necessary to live well, for longer. And to manage your life effectively.

Those steps being:

  • Visualize your ideal life
  • Describe it by writing about it in terms of specific goals
  • Validate the picture and your potential to achieve it by getting feedback from trusted friends and family
  • Assess your preparedness to achieve your goals in terms of ambition level and speed
  • Ask yourself: is the dream achievable within the time frame I have set, or is there an adjustment needed on any parameter?    
  • Then, ask yourself: what do I have to start doing and what do I have to stop doing – right here and now – to begin the process of creating my ideal life?
  • And act accordingly. Every single day.

Congratulations! You’re now in charge. You’re the CEO of your own life!