I learnt very early on in life to become the master of my mind instead of my mind mastering me.

Why you may ask?

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. — Buddha

One of the most potent sacred rituals that I do to live my life authentically, consciously and mindfully, that puts me back into “taking charge mode” is use the alchemy of my heart. As I stir the cauldron of my heart, I am able to listen to the legendary heroine that is resting dormant inside me that has been waiting to be reactivated with my purpose in life again. I create really strong powerful boundaries in my life in order to do this for myself. It’s at this time that I am able to be reprogrammed with my heart’s ears, my heart’s eyes, my heart’s knowing, my heart’s intuition, my heart’s intelligence, my heart’s wisdom, my heart’s perceptions along with my heart’s brain, so I can accelerate and reap the rewards of my visions and dreams while fast tracking the path to achieving my goals.

I also plan, outline and write requirements for my goals 3 months at a time to accomplish what I want to accomplish. If I need to extend the time I will after the 3 months.

Psychologists describe a habit as anything that we routinely do without thinking about it — which is precisely why most of us have so many of them.

Most of us feel that change is hard and sometimes even downright scary. This is precisely why it’s so easy to feel discouraged, often before we even get stared.

So what’s the best way to begin to break a bad habit and become the master of your mind, instead of your mind mastering you?

Change Your Beliefs, Instantly Change Your Life.™

One of the best ways for me is with Neuroplasticity. With the most cutting edge research in Neuroplasticity, Neuroscientists tell us that the best place to start is by learning to recognize the trigger for your habit, then begin to override and rewire neuro pathways of that habit by consciously and mindfully replacing the bad habit with a healthy one instead.

Remember that the brain is very malleable and each time we replace a negative habit with a positive action it’s like laying down a new groove in our minds, and the more we repeat the positive habit, the deeper the grove gets, until eventually over time we’ll find that we’ve truly changed the way our mind behaves. It’s all about self-discipline and fully appreciating just how automated the brain really is once it’s wired.

Sound simple enough?

Surprisingly it actually is. Studies show that along with solid techniques to form new patterns of thought and behavior in the brain, a healthy dose of self-discipline, combined with a strong motivation to change is equally as important. Research also shows that it’s much easier and even faster to kick a habit for reasons that we feel strongly and passionate about, rather than if it’s done for external reasons such as pressure from others.

Find your positive passion™, we are not doomed by our genes and hardwired to remain as we are for the rest of our lives.

Change Your DNA. Instantly Change Your Life.™

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Part of the article originally published at MarinaRoseQDNA.com March 6, 2017 & Huffington Post on March 7, 2017.