‘To become a Leader, you must first become a human being’ – he quoted.

We were discussing the drastic rise in reports of domestic violence and child abuse world-over.

It is saddening as times are hard.

Our freedom has been curbed and we caged.

Obviously, the economics are important and without the usual creativity, the adrenaline rush and the focus on performance we are facing the lull of boredom and frustration and our dark side could be exposed. For we all have a choice – to be good or bad.

Reminds me of a boy who went up to a saint. He kept a bird in his hand behind his back and asked ‘The bird in my hand is dead or alive? Thinking that whatever the answer of the saint he would do the opposite and prove the saint wrong’. The saint looked at the boy and said – whatever you decide.

Decide to be a good human being first.

Living with people with different strengths / weaknesses and view point requires patience and tolerance. And this is how we grow and learn.

Learning is an inevitable part of living.

Treat your own family with care.

For, Charity first begins at HOME.

Be a good human being first, rest everything follows.