It was couple of weeks ago that our entrance exam results were declared. While I was sitting with my family, entering my details and waiting for the score card to load, my phone rang… it was my friend, Prashati. I thought she would tell her percentile and ask mine which would be followed by gossips and college predictions, but the conversation started a bit differently… I picked up the call and before I could say anything, I heard Prashati weeping. She didn’t check her score. Simply because she was too afraid to and feared the consequences of not performing well. 

As I comforted her, her sobs began to slow down. Eventually she got ahold of herself and started to share her feelings. Listening to her spill her emotions, it made me wonder how ‘Fear’ seems to happen almost automatically within us, with absolutely no effort on our part and we are literally ruled by it. It is the fear of failure, rejection, embarrassment, getting hurt, or disappointing or angering other people which becomes the foremost barrier to taking actions towards our goals. In simple terms, Fear is an illusion, something that we fabricate in our mind and pretend is real.

Look inside yourself and recognise that Courage is an integral part of who you are! This is what it takes to transform our fears into empowering visions of success. To become well aware of our thoughts and ideas is the first step in overcoming fear. Then all it takes to succeed in our mission is to choose and work in a positive environment— full of energy and enthusiasm.

Embrace your fears and take action anyway, building up confidence in your abilities. Remember to celebrate your success, it motivates you to push yourself a step further. I feel the stab of fear now and then, but it’s okay because the sparkling light bulb of Courage that has illuminated my head and heart is what I choose to make the right choices in how I think, believe and live. I choose Courage. Won’t you join me?